Battle Royale – Ring of Elysium is about to return on Steam

Developed by Tencent Aurora Light Studio, “Ring of Elysium” is an ambush game and an online shooter Battle Royale game developer. In this game, the player only plays the role of a tourist, but this special passenger will have to go through an arduous journey to find the way out. The Global version of this game will soon be available on Steam and the game developer recently released the official trailer, and some other images of the game.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

A brief introduction to the game mentioned by the game development department:

Ring of Elysium has a pretty nice layout and the plot is that there are many other tourists going to climb the mountain, but a natural disaster suddenly struck and only a rescue helicopter flew to rescue 4 people. people, the rest will have to fight to find a way to survive. Shooting in a snowy mountain environment or skiing and a host of other exciting activities.


In the official trailer can be seen, players need to use gliders, sleds, snowboards and other vehicles to go through the huge snowy mountains. Low temperatures are a major threat in the game, scarier perhaps avalanches or blizzards, as well as the hiding of players around the players. The environment of the game changes similarly according to natural disasters.


The above is the basic information about the game, but as to why those tourists can instantly turn into great shooters, there is still no answer. Ring of Elysium will be available on Steam Asia on September 20th.​

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