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Producer and Publisher mobile games Thumbage just released the news Maze: Shadow of LightThe newly released strategy mobile game is available on Google Play and App Store. Maze: Shadow of Light is the title role-playing game Unique action with 3D graphic design that optimally supports gameplay with flexible control and Tag Action system. This system allows players to switch back and forth between Hero and Guardian characters to trigger combos to defeat enemies. Each player is tasked with protecting the world of Tera from the villainous boss Diabolus.

The Tag Action mechanism not only supports players to set up their ideal combo, but also equips a few passive skills such as “increasing damage”, “increasing defense”, or “stun” to the skill. combos. As a result, players will have the opportunity to use their own tactics, not just click and click unconsciously on the screen. To celebrate its global launch, Maze: Shadow of Lights Free White Knight skins for all players on the first day!



Main features of Maze: Shadow of Lights:​

  • Raid the boss with a variety of attack paths!​

  • Encounter monsters in a mysterious labyrinth!​

  • Real PvP battles with millions of players worldwide!​

  • Unique Tag Action feature for Hero and Guardian!​



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