“Young buffalo” turns Among Us into a dating app, ignoring the unpredictable danger

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Recently maybe due to the hotness of Among Us has decreased, maybe because players are gradually bored with the phenomenon of hacking / cheats and quit the game, so the number of hackers / cheaters of this game has also decreased significantly. However, not long to rejoice, Among Us faces another problem, the game is being turned into a game by teenagers. Dating app.​


Dating on the Internet is no longer a new thing in the current information technology era, dating apps like Tinder and Bumble constantly appearing and attracting a large number of users, especially during the global outbreak of COVID-19. Not old enough to use these online dating apps, many teenagers have been looking for an alternative that turns an ordinary game like Among Us into a place to make friends.

Many Among Us gamers have recently posted videos of flirting with other bandmates, asking for their phone numbers and even dating in real life. Of course, the chat box to vote Imposter also became a place to flirt and get acquainted with these users.​

“Are you FA? How old are you?”

“Are there any girls here?”, “Give me your phone number”

Not only affecting the game experience of many other gamers, this phenomenon also contains many hidden disasters. From the computer screen, we cannot be sure who is chatting with us, not excluding the possibility that it is perverts pretending to be minors to steal sensitive information or seduce them.​

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