H1Z1 – Free Battle Royale Game Officially Launches New Map

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If known PUBG then you must be familiar with H1Z1 – one of the titles Battle Royale The first and also a product with the fingerprints of Mr. Brendan Greene, the father of PUBG. After a period of instability H1Z1 soon returned with a free model, attracting a large number of gamers back.. especially after announcing more versions. PS4 equally attractive.


Now fully available on both PC and Console, H1Z1 continues to develop new content… first with the launch of the game’s first huge Map field with an area of ​​​​up to 64 square kilometers. Named Outbreak, this new Map will become a new battlefield for gamers to bombard and win the Top 1.


Not only that, the new Map also brings an Update to modify the gameplay, allowing gamers to perform running and jumping movements with many times more sensitivity than before. Not only that, the noise that helps detect the enemy has also been fine-tuned, allowing gamers to more easily locate the enemy.


Like Fortnite, H1Z1 is completely free and available for gamers to download both on PC and Console. For PC gamers who have not had the opportunity to experience H1Z1 as well as this new Map, you can see the instructions for downloading and installing the game directly through the tutorial below:

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