Battle of Titans – This is the best shooting game Mobile of 2018

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Hardware power is one of the most developed aspects of Mobile over the years, allowing games to equip themselves with terrorist graphics many times over. Not that recently, a series of super graphics products have been introduced to Mobile, sometimes making gamers unable to distinguish between mobile games and PC games.


Battle of Titans – title shooting game Great online battle on Mobile, is a typical example of those graphic masterpieces. Developed by a team from Russia, Battle of Titans is challenging all graphics limits on Mobile.. not even too much when compared to the blockbusters that are raging on PC/Console.


In fact, Battle of Titans has been in beta since last year, but the opportunity for foreign gamers to get their hands on this super product is almost impossible because the game is not available on the official download store. Until the beginning of this year, Battle of Titans had just set foot on iOS, but it was also limited to the US market, which could not help but make gamers even more regretful.

Battle of Titans game trailer.

Take a look at the gameplay of Battle of Titans for gamers to control countless different Mech strains with superior weapons. It could be illustrious fortresses walking on two legs with rockets and artillery shells covering the whole battlefield.. It could also be the little “Titans” galloping across the terrain with a pair of pre-emptive machine guns. enemy. Regardless of the combat style, Battle of Titans is still full of the most fierce Mech models for the hands-on test game.


Of course, the main strength of Battle of Titans is the background graphics on the “crazy” row on Mobile. Absolutely not promotional trailers, the graphics of Battle of Titans are 100% real with startlingly detailed and vivid models. From the joints and mechanical details on the robot’s body to the ambiguity of the fire when the gun is fired, all of them make gamers stunned as if they have just watched a PC/Console game.

Currently Emergenceingame.Com is still looking for a game download address Battle of Titans replacement for the iOS version and will update readers as soon as possible. When the game launches on Android, Emergenceingame.Com will also try to send it to readers immediately.

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