20 ghost stories about games are circulated online

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The internet is a great place for stories inspired by people’s imaginations. And when those stories begin to creep into the real-life plot, it becomes a ghost that haunts the mind of anyone who reads it. The game is not an exception when throughout major forums around the world people spread each other about the ghost stories that they encountered. It is impossible to verify if it’s true or not, but the obsession in those stories is impossible to ignore.. So if you’re brave enough, please read them together with Emergenceingame.Com below.

Anti-Master Bot – Quake 3

Quake 3 is famous for its in-depth bot system and the ability to react with pre-programmed chats depending on the situation that gamers encounter. However, according to a post posted on the 4Chan forum by an anonymous gamer, the bot system in Quake 3 really possesses the ability to learn over time. This allows them to adapt to your gameplay and the more they play, the more they learn from you. Discovering that, the other gamer decided to set up a separate Server and let 16 bots fight each other without the intervention of the player.


After a while, gamers suddenly forgot the existence of this virtual server and decided to check the results after 4 years of letting bots fight each other. And strangely, the 16 bots haven’t moved an inch since the server was set up. They don’t move, they don’t shoot, they don’t do anything. According to some comments in the post, perhaps the bots themselves discovered the best way for them to live and overcome the intentions of gamers. That is standing still. Just stand still.

Secret tracking – Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is one of the darkest worlds in virtual entertainment, and strange creatures are not uncommon in the game. However, not long ago, a few gamers on the Reddit forum posted strange phenomena around an object that should not be moving. They are the Gnome statues in the game. Accordingly, after seeing them for the first time many people gradually come across them in places where they have not seen them before. Many people believe that these seemingly innocuous statues are secretly following players.


However, the climax of this incident was when a gamer received a message from a forum member with the nickname 0005b635 linking to a video posted on Youtube. This video shows a whole bunch of Gnomes appearing on screen.. and most of all the day the video was posted even before the first post about them appeared on Reddit.

Ghost Footsteps – 3DS

The 3DS game console has an interesting function that is counting the player’s steps. The greater the number of steps, the more Play Coin points gamers have, thereby allowing them to unlock more in-game content. But what if one morning you woke up, turned on your 3DS and found that 500 steps were recorded at midnight last night.. while you were still asleep? After posting on Reddit, gamers who own 3DS received a few different explanations such as the phone vibrating or the sound of animals in the house walking back and forth. However even so 500 times in a row is not a normal thing.


Death comes true – WorryLand

A gamer posted on the Reddit forum about an ancient 4-button game called WorryLand with the goal of solving the worries inside the player. Each game screen will be built around each player’s most worries, allowing them to vent their feelings or even release their inner feelings. However, things turned scary when our guy accesses the screen with the main character being bullied at school. When entering this level, the main character shoots something at his bully.. and effects like gore are thrown out. The next day after going to school, the gamer suddenly no longer saw his bully. Many years later he discovered the fate of this person through an old newspaper, a fate no different from the game’s context. bag… and the police never found the culprit. Although posted on Reddit, maybe this story should be classified as fiction like Creepypasta more then.


Monster escapes – Doom 2

Doom 2 is one of the most modded games in history with a large community of amateur developers. A member of the Reddit forum named fruitcakefriday was such a person when he decided to create the most vivid level in the game. There to create an incredible spooky feeling, fruitcakefriday creates many rooms without exits surrounding the main route that gamers have to go. In these rooms, he spawns in-game monsters, allowing them to emit spooky sounds to create a suffocating atmosphere for gamers. Although the player cannot be attacked by these monsters, it will still create an unmistakable sense of terror.


It doesn’t matter if a strange thing happens when fruitcakefriday conducts a final check of its level. There, when passing a certain place, he felt the sound of Arachnotron – a kind of monster half spider, half robot, suddenly resounding closer to his position. But it is worth mentioning that the location that fruitcakefriday arranged for Arachnotron to appear is still very far away and the ability to hear this sound is almost impossible. However, now not only the sound of an Arachnotron resounded .. but also countless types of monsters that he himself brought into the game. For some reason, they were now able to break through the wall that the player himself installed.. and then use a certain ability to pinpoint his exact position and rush in like a rocket. orientation.

Until the end fruitcakefriday decided to use cheats to have the most powerful weapons in the game. However, no matter how much they shot, the monsters still lurked behind the wall and the bullets couldn’t hit. As a result, he was surrounded and mercilessly killed by his own monsters. Even now fruitcakefriday itself does not understand what has allowed these monsters to escape from prison and kill their own “owner”. (To be continued).

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