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After a long wait, the Garena Free Fire (OB-22) update has finally been released on Play Store and App Store. Garena has added a new character, appearing on the Free Fire Advanced Server, called Evelyn. And in this article, we will learn about Evelyn’s skills together.

If you have experienced Free Fire Advanced Server, you may already know a character named Clue. This character has been renamed Evelyn and she possesses some amazing skills and abilities. But you should note that this new character only appears in Free Fire Advance Server, not Normal Server.

detective evelyn free fire

Learn about the new character skill Detective Evelyn Free Fire

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Evelyn skills and advantages – new character in Garena Free Fire

detective evelyn free fire

Delivering Gold skill Evelyn’s method detects enemies that do not crouch or lie down 30 meters away for 5 seconds at level 1. At each level, (except level 4), its duration increases to 0 .5 seconds and the tracking distance is increased by 5 m.

When Evelyn’s skill is at level 4 or higher, enemy location information will be shared with teammates. The skill’s cooldown is 50 seconds per cast.

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Evelyn appeared in the newly released version of Garena Free Fire OB22, let’s find out What’s new in the Free Fire OB22 update here.

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