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Immediately after launching the new server Dao Vu, NPH VNG gives readers and readers extremely quality GiftCode codes, before entering the Three Realms, don’t forget to receive Code Thien Nu 2 to write your own story. easier.

Not only updates on new graphics and storylines, Thien Nu 2 also increase the number of inherent factions from 6 to 12, representing a breakthrough than the original version that makes players inevitably shake before a perfect world. Code Thien Nu 2 is a solid foundation for you.

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How to receive and enter Thien Nu 2 giftcode

How to get Code Thien Nu 2

Event 1: Share Trailer
– Reward: Code of Thien Nu 2 game 499K VND including 500 Gold + 20 Treasures + 200 Tinh Binh
– Especially, when you reach the milestone, you will receive more:
+ If reaching 1,000 participations, all will receive additional: 500 Gold, 1 Single Lucky
+ If reaching 3,000 participations, all will receive additional: 500 Gold, New mount Linh Ngu Tam Tam for 3 days
+ If reaching 6,000 participations, all will receive additional: 1,000 Gold, 3-day Unicorn New Fashion
+ If reaching 10,000 participations, all will receive: 1,500 Gold, 1 Big Check, 5 Family Benefit Bags
– Link to join: Event 1

Event 2: Promise
– Reward: Code Thien Nu 2
– Link to join: Event 2

Event 3: Share Good News Get Instant Gifts HOT
– Reward: Code Thien Nu 2
+ 100 Tinh Binh
+ 100 Niem Chau
+ 300 Gold
– Link to join: Event 3

how to enter the code of heaven 2

There are also some ways to receive Code Thien Nu 2 that you need to know that is accessing the Fanpage forum, Group community … participating in events to receive GiftCode.

– Link Official Website here.
– Link to Fanpage forum here.
– Group community link here

Instructions to use GiftCode Thien Nu 2

Currently, the feature of entering Code Thien Nu 2 has not been officially released, Taimienphi will update this game trick as soon as NPH updates, readers do not forget to follow Taimienphi’s articles to get more useful information. Please.

Luc Mach Than Sword 3D allows players to role-play into one of the 5 great sects including Murong, Shaolin, Minh Giao, Duong Mon and Tieu Dao freely move, freely fly and wander around. Code Six Circuits Than Sword 3D help you make it easier.

Link download Thien Nu 2
The most anticipated cutting-edge 3D-graphic role-playing game in 2020 will officially open a new server at 10am on June 15, 2020, readers and gamers can download and install the game on their phones according to their preferences. link below.

=> Link to download Thien Nu 2 for Android
5SoA download now android - Emergenceingame

=> Link to download Thien Nu 2 for iPhone
download now ios - Emergenceingame

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