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Diablo 2 revival Mod in StarCraft 2

Copy mod Name The Curse of Tristram: Destruction’s End is the result of a project that has lasted since 2014, made by gamer egod123. This is basically a reproduction of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction on the map of StarCraft II with certain modifications.


In my mod, Egod123 mainly focuses on recreating Diablo II with the highest possible accuracy. However, in the first free trial, the mod has 3 different difficulty modes. In which 2 versions “Heroic” and “Mythic” are set with many new challenges. “Heroic” has more powerful monsters, drops more loot, has a “world curse” that causes long-range skill locking and regeneration. “Mythic” focuses on developing bosses, has the option of “world events” as a door to the MMO world but is currently not active.

Clip introducing the mod

Egod123 has been working with this mod since 2014, gamers have released many free maps at since May 11th. Modder also calls for community contributions through Patreon channel to maintain operations.​

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