Getting Over It laughed out loud with the super crazy game being “hunted” on Steam

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Perhaps a lot of gamers are still quite unfamiliar with this new game, it is known that Getting Over It with Bennett Foody was released in October 2017, initially thought it would sink in front of the game market that every day there is very much. many new games released. But it wasn’t until the king of Youtube PewDiePie and Faker of SKT T1 played, that this game became a hot hit like never before. Millions of people around the world have tried and had to laugh with this super crazy game.



In Getting Over It you will climb the mountain by not being able to be more stupid. You will play the role of a strong man and use the drop hammer To climb the mountain, move skillfully and find a fulcrum for the hammer to be able to climb up. If you do not find a firm support for the hammer, you will fall and consider all efforts to fail. Affirming that this is a game is not easy and even frustrating for those who do not have patience. Currently very few people can break this game, most recently the person who made a new record when breaking the game within 2 minutes and 34 seconds is a gamer with the nick name Lumomen. If you also want to break the island, you can refer to this guy’s super skill to learn from experience and come up with a strategy. Who knows, one day you will be the one to break that record!

On December 7, the game was officially available on Steam with a quite affordable price of about 100,000 VND, up to now the game has received more than 1000 reviews and most of them are positive. . What are you waiting for download games Come back for jaw-dropping laughs!

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