Avatar Star Online: Guide to increase skill points Guardian class

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Let’s learn about how to increase the skills of the Guardian class in Avatar Star Online to make PVP easier for beginners.


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Guide to increase skill points for Guardian class

True to its name, Guardians can be said to be the most supportive pure class in Avatar Star Online. With the skill set in favor of recovery and recovery on a large scale, having a Guardian in the squad will make the team much stronger. The basic Guardian’s gameplay can be divided into three types:

Here are the skills table and some ways to increase skill points according to gameplay for you to refer.

Guardian skill sheet

Pure support

This game is almost “friendly” for new players, or has a noble spirit of support and is willing to sacrifice himself in battles to help his teammates.

A play in which you will be the one to provide the necessary recovery for your teammates in long battles. And together bring all to the final victory. Pure support will need to focus on healing skills for the team, and minimize attack points.

  • Therapy: Max 5 points
  • Healer: Max 5 points
  • Shock: 1 point
  • Rain of arrows: 3 points
  • Weakness: 1 point

Main Dame

Become a gunner with enormous amount of damage, ready to destroy any enemy. At the same time also has the ability to self-medicate for better survival.

  • Therapy: 4 points
  • Healer: 1 point
  • Shock: 0 points
  • Rain of names: Max 5 points
  • Weaknesses: Max 5 points

Half support half dame

Being able to fight at the same time is capable of providing a decent amount of recovery for the team. The nature of the gameplay is a harmonious blend of the two above gameplay, tough and hard enough to knock out any opponent. See how to add the following:

  • Treatment: 3 points
  • Heal machine: 3 points
  • Shock: 3 points
  • Rain of arrows: 3 points
  • Weakness: 3 points

I wish you to master this Guardian class soon!

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