Laplace M: World boss and location appear on the map

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In Laplace M, World Boss or World Boss is an activity that gives people a lot of experience and stars. Please join to refer to the location and time of appearance of the World Boss through the following article.

World Map

World boss and location appear on the map

Players can start participating in the World Boss event when they reach level 20. Bosses will appear randomly at: Spirit Tree Village, Silver Snow District, Sun Forest, Sea of ​​Flowers.

Boss appearance time: 11:30, 15:30, 21:30 daily. You can hit solo or beat the party boss; However, we should fight in teams to get the best results and get more rewards. Boss rewards will be based on the following stats: the damage dealt to the Boss, the person who caused the dame to the last Boss (Last hit), who hit the boss first, the amount of damage taken.

Attention: If a party of 5 divides the map to fight the Boss, it is possible to receive rewards from the team members (x 4 times the reward with 4 maps).

Boss locations are marked on the map as follows:

Spirit Tree Village

Magic tree village

Snow and Silver District

Silver snow district

Sea of ​​Flowers

Sea of ​​Flowers

Solar forest

Solar forest

If you go to one of the locations on the map without seeing the Boss, check other locations. When the Boss battle is over, the reward will be sent to your mail. Please pay attention to check your mail!

I wish you a happy game and see you in the next tutorials!

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