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Au Mobile gamer group helps an elderly mother to raise 3 mentally ill children alone

This meaningful and beautiful act of humanity by the members of Sexy fam – Au Mobile is receiving the unanimous response of the majority of members in the community playing this game.

The character chosen as the destination of this group’s charity trip Au Mobile gamer is Mrs. Pham Thi Lien at home number 911/38/4 Ta Quang Buu, Ward 5, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City with a rather unfortunate situation. The idea of ​​raising children to rely on old age, but that joy will probably never come true when all three of her children have mental illnesses.

Old lady Tran Thi Lien with 3 “wild” children in a narrow, shack house

Alone, struggling to raise 3 foolish children, Mrs. Lien shed tears with anxiety and worry that when she died, who would take care of her 3 “big but not wise” children. me. Each meal of his family consisted of only white rice and boiled vegetables.

Mr. Lien happily chats with gamers who come to visit

Understanding that difficult and difficult situation, Sexy Fam decided to accompany Au Mobile to visit and encourage Mrs. Lien’s spirit. With a little kindness of their own, Sexy Fam members hope to help her to cover her difficult life.


This is not the first activity in the charity movement of Au Mobile gamers, but before that, the community of players of this game also had many different charity activities. Most of them are spontaneous, launched and organized by a group of gamers or a fan. These actions and hearts of gamers can’t help but make many people feel warm, contributing to the image of gamers in general as well as Au Mobile in particular becoming more beautiful in the eyes of the social community. .

This life has too many difficulties, disadvantages and unhappiness, we ourselves can be here playing our favorite games, can spend money to top up games every day, which is a very fortunate thing. luck and happiness. People still have a harsh view of games, and game players, why don’t each of us gamers ourselves change those thoughts from society with real people, real things, in society? true, with the spirit, enthusiasm, love of youth?

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