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The Sky covers the whole net shop to plow the view for Son Tung’s new MV – MTP

Right at 0:00 on May 12, 2018, the male singer’s MV “Run now” Son Tung – MTP was officially released in the enthusiastic reception of a large audience. Immediately after its release, this MV quickly created a storm in the online community with an unbelievable number of views – 1 million views within 18 minutes.

And just after 24 hours of release, Son Tung’s new hit set another new record across Asia when it reached 22 million views. After this achievement, Son Tung became the first artist to break the record of the famous boygroup BTS from Korea. MV “DNA” after 24 hours of release has reached 20.9 million views, and “Run now” has owned up to 22 million views.

At the same time, “Run Now” entered the top 15 of the most viewed MVs within the first 24 hours, and missed famous names like Miley Cyrus (“Wreking Ball” – 19.3 million). , Taylor Swift (“Bad Blood” – 20.1 million), BTS (“DNA” – 21 million)… With a huge number of views after a day of release, Son Tung M-TP’s latest product has also risen to the top. 1 position on the ranking of the most viewed videos in the world by Youtube within the last 24 hours. Because the number of viewers “Run now” is increasing too fast, the official Youtube channel of Son Tung cannot display the exact views.

Behind these remarkable achievements of Son Tung – MTP cannot fail to mention the enthusiastic support from the extremely powerful Sky force – true fans with intense love for their idols. . And they also have up to 1001 ways of “plowing” views to support “Boss” to bring Son Tung to the top, becoming Mr. Hoang in terms of views when each time a new music product is released.


Behind the success of the MV “Run now” is not an exception. As recently, an owner net shop shared an image that many, if not a crazy fan of Son Tung, would not be surprised when the whole set of the net shop was “covered” by fans just to… plow the view for “Boss”.​​


Specifically, according to the owner, this group of fans rented 32 machines within 24 hours to plow the view for 5,000 VND / hour. Grab a bargain, the shop owner always announces to close the shop for one day to serve the sky only.


This is just one of 1001 ways to plow the other hegemonic views of the sky. On social media, many other 1-0-2 images are shared. All devices that can play videos on Youtube such as phones, iPads, laptops, desktops, etc. are requisitioned. Some people even prepare a backup charger next to them to do their best with the day and night view work for idols.

This action of Son Tung fan is enough to make other fan clubs admire and be wary.

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