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Knives Out suddenly revealed an Event combined with… Attack on Titan

In the brother Rules of Survival seems to be more dominant in foreign markets, in Japan alone, Knives Out again attracts a large number of gamers thanks to being more “appetizing” to the country of Cherry Blossom. It is because of this that Knives Out receives extremely unique content that no one can imagine.

Accordingly, in its latest announcement, Knives Out said that the game will have an event in conjunction with… Attack on Titan – The extremely popular Manga/Anime series in recent times by the author Hajime Isayama.


This event will officially take place in August, right after Season 3 of the Anime Attack on Titan series officially aired at the end of July. It is not clear how this event will take place but fans have already started. Initially imagine the ability to fly around the map with the 3D Maneuver Gear or even run away from the bloodthirsty Titans.. However, that is just speculation and there is still time for the Event to be very interesting. This person divulged more information.


Along with that, Knives Out will have a new map in September called Final Battle of Tokyo with a focus on the Shibuya area. If it is as the image reveals, Knives Out will bring gamers into a completely new context full of skyscrapers and urban areas with shimmering lights.


Foreign gamers are also looking forward to this content being offered in other markets as well, giving themselves the opportunity to experience it. Knives Out in a whole new style. All relevant information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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