Au Mobi couple shows off the story of “Virtual Game – Real Love” even though they are hundreds of kilometers apart

When playing games, passionate and pursuing games, many gamers are distracted by complaints from “lovers” because sometimes they love games more. That’s why there are many funny stories surrounding the eternal dilemma: “You and the game, who do you choose?”.

However, not always “that person” and the game are always on two sides “unlikely”. Because as you know, the gaming community is not only all men, but also many female gamers . The fire near the straw is also sharp for a long time, many couples should be charming from the time of virtual dating in the game world. In particular, some games also have a pairing or marriage feature that makes real fantasy games more and more opportunities to flourish in the gaming community.

‘s love story Au Mobi couple The following is also a typical example of such green and green fantasy game stories. Although hundreds of kilometers apart, the couple is currently extremely happy with their love and has a strong belief that they can overcome that long distance together to reach the perfect ending.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

“What is happiness? When I love someone and that love is reciprocated. It’s when you’re with the person you love. The distance of 253km is nothing if we consider each other as everything and believe that our love is big enough. Whether 2530 or 253 km, we will still find each other. Thank you for coming to me, thank you for letting us know each other. He brings me a lot of joy and a lot of happiness.”


The sharing from the female gamer who is also the female lead in the above-mentioned admirable fantasy game story received a lot of attention and happy wishes from a large community of players. Au Mobi.


Our couple – the girl Mushroom and the guy Tran Van Do – had very sweet and romantic dating moments like any other couple even though the distance between them is not a child. small number.

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Although it is not known whether the two will come together to a happy ending, but indeed, finding a soul mate in the sea of ​​people is difficult, finding a half in the game is even more rare and precious. time out. Hopefully our gamer couples will also write their own beautiful love stories together!

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