99% Head Hunter is the runner-up of Star League season 1 2018

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Let’s take a look at the highlights of the exciting matches in the third week (April 16 – April 19):

Head Hunter vs Dragon: Strong Rise

Both are the big boys of the professional league CFLalthough there are unsuccessful starts to the season, but now Head Hunter is rising strongly, proving the strength to take the throne and Dragon has not been able to find himself.


Map 1: Desert Storm

HeadHunter chose for himself the Global Risk faction and Dragon for himself the Black List faction. The match took place at a fairly fast pace when Dragon played proactively without hesitation and on the contrary, Head Hunter also defended the bombsite in a very disciplined manner. Win each other round and end the first round with a score of 5-4 in favor of HeadHunter with a successful clutch situation of BK. After switching sides, Dragon still showed his disappointed face because CT was very weak as in previous rounds. Head Hunter played explosively and won 5 rounds in a row to win without Dragon having any resistance. All they managed to do was take a single round before falling apart after a HeadHunter B rush. The score of the first map match was 10-5 in favor of HeadHunter.


Map 2: Observation Deck

This is considered one of the strongest maps of Head Hunter, but they struggled in the first round, but still led Dragon with a score of 5-4 and the great success was thanks to Smile’s brilliance when he had up to 15 lives after the first round. The scenario in the first map was repeated when once again Dragon shot very poorly when on the Global Risk side, the only difference was that this time they got to 6 and HeadHunter continued to “sow sorrow” for Dragon. with a 2-0 victory thereby sinking the ship named Dragon into the abyss.


Ahihi vs Begin Black Wolf: Champion’s Peak Performance

Ahihi was crowned the champion of Star League season 1 2018 very early because of her extremely high performance with a series of consecutive victories. Their opponent in this round, BBW, is in a position with nothing to lose when they have to win and not lose again if they want to be runner-up and have a ticket to the national tournament. CFMI 2018, but in front of the undefeated Ahihi, can they make a surprise?

Map 1: Satellite Station

Ahihi has a Global Risk faction and BBW has a Black List side, they deploy a game that has nothing to lose and is quite lively when it is they who have the first advantages when leading Ahihi with a score of 2. -1 but then they lost their advantage when they were quite passive in the game when they concentrated in the mid area which was quite crowded. Hades had a very good kick but that was not enough when PhuocT hooked right after and brought the game back to balance. But that was all they could do when Ahihi was still too strong compared to the rest and ended the first round with a score of 6-3 in favor of Ahihi. Thereby ending the map quickly with a score of 10-3 in a simple way.


Map 2: Desert Storm

BBW continued to be weak and seemed to give up, they shot Black List not too bad but after switching sides the scenario happened again when Ahihi shot Black List which was very good and had continuous winning rounds with the shine of Hieu Meo. Ahihi plays with a stable mentality and always has a member to shine when needed. The match ended with a score of 10-5 for Ahihi thereby smashing BBW’s hopes when now their distance and HeadHunter are too far.


Watch the final week of the 2018 Star League pro season at 7:00 p.m. on April 23 and April 24 on YouTube. CrossFire Legends TELEVISION. Let’s predict whether the legendary Ahihi will continue the series of consecutive victories or Head Hunter will officially be 100% runner-up to join Ahihi strongly to the international tournament in May to CFMI 2018 to compete with the warrior from China. Korea, Korea, Thailand.


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