Astralis overtakes MIBR to win BLAST Pro Series: Istanbul

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As expected, Astralis’ battle journey to the final of BLAST Pro Series – Istanbul 2018 was not too difficult, but this final is the real test. The Danish team’s opponent in the final match was MIBR with coach Janko “YNk” Paunovic leading. Unfortunately, the Americas team couldn’t do anything about the FACEIT Major champion.

Astralis entered the finals with a 5:0:0 win record, not losing a single match in the tournament. Meanwhile, MIBR only reached 3:1:1 with the only loss coming from … Astralis.

The first map in the finals was Train and was considered one of Astralis’ weaker maps, but they showed overwhelming playability. AWPer dev1ce got himself 20 kills in only 6 rounds, which is a big barrier for the enemy to advance. The Danish team finished on the CT side with a score of 13:2 and soon ended the map thanks to a 3:1 score on the T side (16:3).

The second map is Overpass and MIBR got off to a better start by winning the pistol round on CT’s side. However, this was not enough to stop the world No. 1 team with the first half tilting 10:5 in favor of Astralis. Sang T, MIBR performed excellently, successfully coming back from the game thanks to solid teamwork and many proactive plays – helping them to win the map 16:14.

The third and final map is Inferno, with the first half a tug-of-war between the two sides. Astralis’s ability to play as a unit was not enough to hold MIBR back, only helping them to lead by a tight 8:7 lead. Sang T, the team couldn’t play well – everything was even at 13-13. However, Astralis showed that he was too strong at the crucial moments, winning 16:14 to continue to pocket another trophy.

Final rankings of teams at BLAST Pro Series:

first. Denmark Astralis – $125,000
2. Brazil MIBR – $50,000
3. Sweden NiP – $45,000
4. Turkey Space Soldiers – $15,000
5. Poland – $10,000
6. United States Cloud9 – $5,000

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