MSL made the bench to make way for cadiaN; gade returns to North

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North confirms possession of Casper .’s signature “cadiaN” Møller, who will take over as AWPER and IGL to replace Mathis “MSL” Laurdsen, has now been substituted. Also included in the changelog, Nicklas “gade” Gade will return to the team after loaning OpTic.

The decision to put MSL on the bench came after he started to lead the team in early 2017. At that time, North was acquired by Danish football team FC Copenhagen and Nordisk Film studio.

IGL recently took over the AWP role after substituting Daniel “mertz” Mertz and helping the team win DreamHack Masters Stockholm – he was named MVP by HLTV for his AWP tackles. Victory in the Swedish capital was achieved after a long period of unrest, but the taste of victory did not last long. North failed in the New Challenger round at the FACEIT Major just a few days later.

MSL states the following:

The four-year journey has come to an end. It started when aizy switched to FaZe, me and Kjaerbye built a new talent lineup and made it to the top-6 in the world. Since then, it’s been a very exciting journey and a lot of ups and downs […] Looking back, I’m very proud of what I achieved, averaging in the top five in 2017. Over the past four years, I’ve won two majors and four minors and I’m glad I’ve been able to bring this to an end. time at North by giving fans huge trophies. I want to thank all the teammates I’ve had over the years and thank North for this time. I will come back stronger!

Replacing MSL will be cadiaN, who has been in the US for the past year, helping Rogue climb and then finish second in the Americas Minor to qualify for the FACEIT Major – a tournament where the team performed quite well despite being eliminated in the New Challengers round.

The 23-year-old captain impressed fans and analysts with his proactive individual handling, as well as careful preparation against superior opponents such as Astralis and North: this made a strong impression. with the Copenhagen team as they are also looking for a real AWPer after mertz is gone:

I’m excited to welcome cadiaN to the team today. We evaluated the roster after the Major and decided the team needed a new leader. With Casper, we will have a captain with a different approach to the game and meta. I hope the duo cadiaN and ave [HLV của North] will take the team further.

Jonas “whimp” Svendsen, Esports Director at North

North also announced the return of gade, who has been on loan for OpTic. gade will replace stand-in member Nikolaj “niko Kristensen, who was part of Heroic’s loan deal with mertz.

According to a press conference from North, niko will be returning to his old team, but it seems the 20-year-old has been cut from Heroic’s ESEA roster.

North’s new lineup is as follows:

Denmark Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye
Denmark Valdemar “valde” Bjørn Vangså
Denmark Philip “aizy” Aistrup
Denmark Nicklas “Gade” Gade
Denmark Casper “cadiaN” Møller

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