Overwatch: Wrecking Ball will join the official lineup next week

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After a long testing period on the test server, Wrecking Ball is ready to go live on the official server on July 24th.

Blizzard announced on the Overwatch Twitter account. “Wrecking Ball will begin rolling into the battlefield on July 24, 2018.” Twitter also posted one of the highlight intros, along with the Summer Games logo on the beach flags. Fans are predicting that the Summer Games will begin with the presence of Hammond (Wrecking Ball), or shortly after.

Wrecking Ball, aka Hammond, is the 28th hero in Overwatch. The character was revealed a week before Blizzard added the hamster to the PTR server on June 28. Many Overwatch fans predicted Hammond would be the next hero, but no one expected it to be a hamster. At first, everyone assumed that Hammond was another monkey living on the moon with Winston. Many people are surprised to learn that Hammond is actually a rodent.

But when the shock wore off, people started to love Hammond. Wrecking Ball is a powerful tank hero with a unique gameplay structure. Blizzard calls Hammond “a gladiator” who is good at attacking from behind. “Hammond is adept at disrupting enemy positions with Roll and Piledriver, while being a formidable threat himself if he can focus Quad Cannons on key targets,” Blizzard wrote.

Overview of skills

Quad Cannons

Wrecking Ball shoots with a machine gun.


Wrecking Ball transforms into a ball at increasing speed.

Grappling Claw

In Roll mode, the Wrecking Ball can fire the hook to attach to the surface, swing, and move forward. This skill allows Wrecking Ball to dash quickly, dealing damage, and knocking enemies back if hit.

Minefield (ultimate)

Wrecking Ball drops closed minefields around the character, dealing damage when detonated.

Adaptive Shield

Grants Wrecking Ball temporary armor based on the number of nearby enemies.


Wrecking Ball slams down from the sky, pulling enemies into the center of the impact and dealing damage.

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