Summary of the 3rd day of the League of Legends World Championship 2018 warm-up round: Excellent DFM enters the knockout round

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Day VODs Highlights Match
October 3rd Link Link G-Rex > Gambit Esports
Link Link KaBuM! e-Sports > DetonatioN FM
Link Link Kaos Latin Gamers < Gambit Esports
Link Link KaBuM! e-Sports < Cloud9
Link Link Kaos Latin Gamers < G-Rex
Link Link Cloud9 > Detonation FM
Link Link Tie Break – DetonatioN FM > KaBuM! e-Sports

G-Rex > Gambit Esports

With so much difference in level, G-Rex easily crush Gambit right from the road phase. After 30minutes of play, representative of LMS got the second win 3 consecutively, thereby getting the first ticket to the knockout round.

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KaBuM! e-Sports > DetonatioN FM

With the initiative of the jungler Ranger, KBM easily control the game and push DFM into a defensive position. However, after only one meal Baron disastrous, representative of Brazil lost Baron and its proactive stance. However, DFM also can’t get any turrets with buffs Baron this. In such a battle, KBM found a way to finish the game when pressed DFM fighting in a narrow space to Aatrox stop and destroy all Vayne mixed Soraka.

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With pressure from the Baron buff and 3 super minion lanes, DFM was unable to fight back and suffered defeat first KBM in the 2nd series.

Kaos Latin Gamers < Gambit Esports

With very strong champions in the early stages like Leona, Draven nice Jarvan IV, KLG got early kills and gold advantages. However, as time went on, the lineup of GMB stronger with huge damage from Gangplank nice Xayah still Draven and Akali of the KLG too many limitations. Minute 25, GMB catch them all J4 mixed Draven so it’s easy to successfully eat the buff Baron. From this moment, GMB took the game completely in his hands and the game ended after the back-door of Kira.

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KaBuM! e-Sports < Cloud9

Seemingly C9 it will be an easy game as their strong entry team soon came to fruition when destroying the bottom lane of KBM. However, the gunner Titan though lying down 2 times but with the minion stats he has, this guy still has a large amount of items and when he has enough level, this cannon of KMB did a lot of damage. However, the fate of the game was decided at Baron when the KBM in more situations you were unable to have this buff while C9 can do it again.

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Even so, C9 still have to thank gunner Titan a lot because thanks to this guy’s positional mistakes, the army of Reapered only to be able to end an extremely difficult game after 34 game minutes.

Kaos Latin Gamers < G-Rex

Due to the end of the goal, both teams played extremely comfortably in this game. Continuous solokills, teamfights all over the map and in the end, the more advanced team won. After thirty first minutes, the kill score is 28-16 inclined G-Rex.

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Cloud9 >Detonation FM

With generals Xinzhao, Blader has brought quite a lot of advantages to C9. However, when the first pylon was destroyed, DFM is the team that plays more actively with Tahm Kench and Nocturne. Things might be better for the agent Japan Copy if they don’t try too hard Urgot and give Draven worth kills 1415 yellow. But also very quickly, C9 “returned” those advantages with a penalty Baron too bad of Blader.

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However, the consecutive wrong moves of both sides made the game even and neither side really prevailed. And in the decisive fight phase, Draven of the Sneaky was comfortable dealing damage and giving victory to C9.

Tie Break – DetonatioN FM > KaBuM! e-Sports

In the deciding match, both sides made their best picks like Karma of the Cerosnice Nidalee of the Ranger. DFM soon take the lead 2 kill points but not until the teamfight is won Rift messengerrepresentatives of Japan Copy to take full control of the game. With perfect snowballing, DFM won only after 24 game minutes.

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