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Perfect World VNG These days are “hotter” than ever, despite the chilly Christmas atmosphere. Because, in less than 24 hours, the new version of Ice Cold Continent will officially launch on December 16. More than anyone else, gamers are still waiting for the appearance of a series of difficult copies, introduced in the latest trailer of this product.

Trial version of the Legion – Ice and Snow Magic

According to information from the publisher, this is one of the very difficult copies in this version. It requires a balance of both the individual strength and the level of transcendence of the members of the Legion. Thereby, you cannot find yourself a team through speakers for enough numbers, but must carefully distribute positions, gameplay, and specific tasks.


The Boss system in Ice and Snow is considered difficult, with the amount of buffalo health and the ability to deal damage to many strong targets. In addition, the Boss will be in different terrains such as ground, underwater, … to limit the player’s ability to move. Therefore, the level limit to go for this clone is CS1 109. However, the reward of this copy includes a lot of materials for crafting Orange level CS1 119 equipment, so the value is very high.

Battalion challenge version – Ice Wind Ancient Dao

According to evaluation, this is not a difficult copy, with players who have qualified for CS1 level 119. However, you will meet quite a few sub-bosses before coming to the final boss – Huyen Vu Beast. These Bosses possess very high damage, have the ability to shock a huge amount of damage. Therefore, the participating squad should be able to choose for themselves the combo of God Beast + Vu Linh to increase survival.

Huyen Vu Beast – the tough final boss of Ancient Dao Ice Wind.

Copy of Tu Chan – Ruins of Deva Ma

This is one of the 3 hardest copies in the “Christmas” version of Perfect World VNG. Not only the usual Boss mechanism, each Boss stage has challenges with its own difficulty, requiring players to have specific skills and strategies at each stage, to unlock new information of the Boss. In addition, the last boss of the Reserve possesses a series of skills that deal damage on a large scale, often “targeting” long-range targets. Therefore, characters with low health in line 2 should be careful, often move to actively avoid the boss’s moves and monsters.


In addition, Continent Frost has many other challenges, such as a random challenge copy for CS1 LV119. Proceed to upgrade the CS1 Lv99 Dung Hoa Tam copy to a random challenge copy. All of them give a lot of valuable rewards such as the ingredients for composing the CS1 orange equipment, the CS1 119 Orange/yellow manual.

In addition, the Guild Training is also a special highlight in Perfect World VNG. This is a very useful playground for the members of the clan, helping the brothers bond with each other more through fun games. In addition to the reward of dedication points, gamers now have an interesting and entertaining activity that requires high teamwork when participating in the challenge.

From the addition of the new Gameplay Gia Vien Tribe, Gameplay Danh Vien, to the expansion of the plot system to increase the experience. Can speak, Perfect World VNG is still successful in aiming for quality user experience. Because of that, this game is still maintaining its form as one of the most attractive products in 2020.

The new version of the Ice Continent will be released to gamers on December 16, 2020. See details at

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