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Minecraft is an extremely attractive virtual city building game, attracting a large number of players, because when participating in the game, players will be free to create according to their own preferences, that is why. big for this game. In order to build your own beautiful city, players need to work hard to mine to earn resources, as well as diamonds and gems as materials for crafting.

Mine means going to a cave, looking for resources such as iron, gold, coal or even diamonds, red stones, emeralds …. But how to mine not to die is not a game Mine is full of dangers so you need to prepare carefully before going to mine to make sure everything is easier, easier and safe in the demon cave!

The common types of mines when going to mine

  • Coal (Coal): Pretty easy to find, especially on layer 29, any type of trophy can be used when searching.
  • Iron (Iron): Commonly found near coal ores, most found on layer 35. Use stone, iron, or diamond cups to find.
  • Gold (Gold): Difficult to meet, working hard to meet, most found in layer 20. Use stone cups, iron, diamonds to earn.
  • Diamond: Rarely, the deeper the better.
  • Redstone (Redstone): Commonly found next to lava, most commonly found in layer 8. Use iron cups, diamonds to find.
  • Lapis Laluzi (Lapis Laluzi): Find the most on layer 14. Use stone, iron, or diamond cups to find swords.
  • Emerald (Emerald): Rarer than diamonds, exchanging with villagers is faster than finding.

Experience effective mine in Minecraft

Equipment to prepare before going to mine in the game Minecraft

  • Cup: Always carry wooden, stone, iron, gold, diamond types. Should bring at least 1 cup of iron to support gold digging, diamond digging, if any house has a bit of iron, prepare to take 3 to use to dig the rock as quickly as possible.

Experience effective mine in Minecraft

  • The wood: During the mining process you need to use wood to make sticks, so you need to prepare about 20 if the wood block is cut in the tree, 50-60 if you have a soft cup in your hand, and if other materials, convert from the amount of wood Come on out.
  • Charcoal: Used for making torches, making coal to be manufactured 1 stack (64 pieces) of torches is no longer required.
  • Food: Bring a little to mine for a long time, if you can’t go for a while you have to go back, it will take a lot of time.

Experience effective mine in Minecraft

  • Crafting table: You have to prepare the crafting table to craft tools when necessary, if you are determined to be a long mine, this crafting table is indispensable. In addition, the crafting table also reduces the load of restone and crockery, these two digging at a time are full of inventory. Must have a crafting table to reduce the load of these 2 gems. You just need to fill 9 boxes to get 1 blog, much more compact.
  • Bucket with water: When you mine in the cave, you can easily meet the lava, the lava is very hot, so when you meet the lava pour a bucket of water over the head 1 square in front of you, then back off. Wait for the water to cool down the area you need, then scoop it up. Then go over because the lava has cooled.

Experience effective mine in Minecraft

  • Bow, arrow, name: In the mine cave there are many high, deep abysses, on the other side there are skeletons ready to shoot you down at any time if you dare to bridge over the cliffs. At this time, the bow and arrow are extremely useful, helping you to destroy the skeleton easily.
  • Headphone: Helps identify where there is lava, zombie, enderman …
  • In addition, you can bring some additional accessories, if the inventory is still empty, bring more armor.

Experience increased survivability while mine in Minecraft

  • Never dig straight into the ground, because if you dig straight into the ground you may not know if there is a large cave or lava down there, you will fall or burn to death.
  • It is best to dig down the trapezoid type, it will be easier to mine.
  • When you want to dig under your feet, stand to the next block and dig that block, then collect the loot.
  • When you want to dig on top hStand 2 blocks away, dig that block, if there is lava or water, immediately cover with 1 block of rock.
  • When you meet a dead end and hear the zombie sound somewhere, dig towards the emitted zombie you will find a new way.

Experience effective mine in Minecraft

  • When you hear the sound of lava, locate it and go there to find a diamond. But lava is so dangerous that you cannot know exactly how deep the lava is, if you dig the middle layer of the lava will spray on you. However, everything has a treatment if we know how and calm down, because lava flows very slowly, so hurry up and cover the lava if you dig right.

Experience effective mine in Minecraft

  • When meeting Enderman, quickly put the blog in a 2×2 square above your head and destroy him to get the ender. Enderman is also the fear of many mineers because it is huge, if there is no strategy it is difficult to kill it, by doing this you can kill many endermans at the same time without losing any blood.

Experience effective mine in Minecraft

  • Never go towards the cave spiders, because their poison is very dark, but not dead, it drains our blood until the last half of the heart is left.
  • The road in the mine cave is like a maze, so when passing, remember to insert torches to mark the path, avoid going the old way!
  • When you meet the spawn mob, just plug the torch into it, it won’t spawn anymore, if you don’t want to, take the cup and destroy it.

Experience effective mine in Minecraft

  • Dig all the resources with a soft cup to mine for a long time, although the jewels are useless and will keep digging 3-4 blocks is 2-3 stacks already. Neesu digging with a soft cup will reduce the space for his inventory.
  • Always use the fortune cup when digging for diamonds.
  • When the inventory is full and you want to continue digging, dUse / market create 50000 64 all of the blogs you want to keep, then / market listings to transfer it to / market mail, mail capacity equal to 1 chest to, but safe.
  • There is also a mine cave under the sea, if you go in a mine cave and encounter a lot of sandstone, the above may be the sea or the desert, but it is more about the sea. Because normally if it is desert, the sandstone layer will be shielded by a layer of rock below, only when digging up to the top will the new sandstone layer expose. As for the sea, the sandstone is exposed right in front of you, you don’t need to dig much.
  • When looking for a cave at the bottom of the sea but afraid of drowning, hold a bucket, face up Head up to the sea surface, right click and your air bar will refill. If you do not want the water to spill over your barrier, block it.

Hopefully, with the above little experiences above, it will help you to mine safer and more effectively, quickly earn lots of diamonds and gems!

Please refer to the video guide to mine in Minecraft


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