Free Fire: Characters that are strong in Battle Royale mode but weak in Clash Squad

Garena Free Fire There are many modes with different gameplay. Depending on gameplay, some Free Fire character It can be good in one mode but really bad in another.

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Free Fire has a rich character collection. Each character has their own unique skills, which can give you different advantages when fighting. Overall, strong characters will give you a great advantage in almost any situation.

However, the gameplay of Battle Royale and Clash Squad modes is different. That renders some characters useless in Clash Squad. Here are 3 characters you should not use in Clash Squad, even though they are strong in Battle Royale.

  • Luqueta in Garena Free Fire

    Luqueta’s skill can increase max HP whenever you kill the target, up to 35HP. At the top level, you only need to take out the target to get this max HP. Luqueta is an extremely strong character in a life-and-death shooting match because killing 2 targets is not too difficult, in addition, there are many healing equipment in Battle Royale mode.

    However, in Clash Squad, Garena will reset Luqueta’s HP at the start of each round. Also, Luqueta’s skill only increases your max HP, not your current HP. Basically, it’s useless because the healing item in Clash Squad is limited while each round is short.

  • Maxim in Free Fire

    Maxim is currently one of the strongest Free Fire characters in Battle Royale mode after being buffed. His skill allows you to use items that heal 40% faster. This is especially useful if you have a lot of Med Kits.

    However, in Clash Squad, the number of Med Kits you can get is limited, so Maxim’s skills are not useful. Maybe you just need to use characters with healing abilities. This option will save you from needing to add additional resources.

  • Wolfrahh in Free Fire

    Wolfrahh is like Luqueta, even worse. Wolfrahh’s skill reduces head damage by 25% but increases damage to enemy limbs by up to 20%. However, you need to kill 4 to 5 opponents to reach that number. That means you need to defeat the entire enemy team. Moreover, this action also causes you to lose all buffs in the next round.

  • Above are 3 great characters in Battle Royale mode but extremely weak in Clash Squad. Hopefully the article will help you choose the right character when playing Free Fire.

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