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Arena of Valor: Synthesize the jungler generals that are most fiercely contested

Any gamer in Arena of Valor wants to own yourself the most effective jungle heroes possible, choosing a jungler will help you control your forest resources to create a premise to help you win. The winning teamfight around the big bosses is something that the experienced players in Mobile League all understand.

Currently only one-third of the total 60 generals that have been updated with this jungle mission, thanks to a lot of gold that Arena of Valor gamers taking on the jungle mission may be “green” throughout the battle, The generals that is about to introduce to you below will converge many factors such as mobility, cumulative damage, and always be suffering from 2-team gamers or even people on the same team. scramble department.

Sometimes, because of other factors such as ease of ownership and ease of play, they are always advised to yield to each other among teammates. Often at low levels, gamers often go individually, but if your team does not know how to establish respect for collective interests, the situation of a team lacking defenses and resisting damage, then failure is inevitable. weak, below Download has synthesized such generals.

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Synthesize the jungler generals that are fiercely competed by low-ranked gamers

1. Group of marksmen: Valhein, Yorn, Tel’Annas, Violet, Slimz

Arena of valor

The ADC champions have an advantage that if they are given the resources in the forest by their teammates, and have just been protected to shoot freely, then eating MVP at the end of the game is easy, one more thing. is the mentality that gamers always want to carry the team by eating a lot of kills, so it is very common to compete for 1 – 2 ADC champions, here Violet and Slimz are the two best jungler, next is Valhein, a general that everyone has. While Yorn and Tel’Annas have very long shots and easy combos.

2. Group of mages: Zill

Arena of valor

Price is very cheap, only 13888 Gold but the mage general’s usefulness is unmatched by any hero, Zill. At the time that Tulen has not been updated, Zill is the most ideal jungler in Arena of Valor thanks to his passive and his ability to attack Phong Do. As well as mentioned above, almost everyone wants to be the greenest person in the team, so a general like Zill, which is extremely effective jungle is indispensable, especially when the jungler is in the ADC group. , the assassin was banned or picked first by the opponent.

3. Group of pure assassins Narkroth, Murad

Arena of valor

Used by Arena of Valor’s most talented eSports athletes in every professional tournament and considered the god of the jungle, it is Nakroth and Murad. Murad appeared in season 3 and Nakroth appeared from season 1. The price to own both of these generals is 18888, still a lot lower than the general Batman, the copyright killer of DC. If one of the two becomes the “richest” on the map, the fact that Nakroth or Murad lead the team to the final victory is very big, although this role in the jungle is getting more and more new choices.

Above are the junglers that are most chosen by many low-ranked players, you can choose for yourself one of the generals in these groups of generals and start the jungle game.

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