Instructions for using Dubsmash “lip sync” according to the movement

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Recently, the use of Dubsmash to lip-sync videos is creating a fever on social networks, when not only ordinary people, but even celebrities also join this trend. Still lip-syncing is not good, but who says lip-syncing doesn’t have, no style? With Dubsmash, you can even record your personal mark and share with friends.

If you are also a true music fan, you want to “cover” the songs of your idol, you want Dubsmash, please follow the following article.

How to use Dubsmash to lip sync the movement

Step 1: After downloading to your computer, you guys open Dubsmash up and select language suitable for me. Then click Start now to begin.

Instructions for using Dubsmash

Step 2: New interface appears. Here you can freely choose choose give yourself any song do you like to lip sync? Can be selected in the card Trending, Latest, or Soundboards, maybe even use the search feature to search for songs if available in Dubsmash.

Instructions for using Dubsmash

Step 3: After selecting the song, you will be moved to the “recording” window, or more precisely, the scene, the way you lip sync along to this song. The upper right hand corner is Camera recording icon to choose front camera (self-rotating) good rear camera (other people turned).

Instructions for using Dubsmash

Wait a moment for Dubsmash to play all the selected music. This piece of music is quite short, usually only a few seconds. If you are not satisfied, you can click Cancel to cancel at any time.

Instructions for using Dubsmash

Step 4: After completing the lip sync process, Dubsmash will automatically export to a video file for you.

Instructions for using Dubsmash

Here, you click Add Effect to add effects to your videos to become more lively and attractive. However that is if you have already gone through the registration and login process.

Instructions for using Dubsmash

Step 5: If you have not registered, you will receive the following message. Click the cell Register to begin. Registration process account with Dubsmash is very simple and fast, you will It only takes 30 seconds to complete.

Instructions for using Dubsmash

Complete information on the registration form. In order from top to bottom, we will have to declare the following information:

  • Email address in use.
  • User name.
  • Access password.
  • Year old.

Once filled in, click Register to submit the registration form.

Instructions for using Dubsmash

Step 6: After successful registration and login, you will be taken right back to the last step. At this point, you can see above appeared two symbols, corresponding to two types of insertion:

  • The letter Aa symbol: Insert text, text into the video.
  • Smile icon: Insert funny emoticons and icons into videos.

Insert effects with hunting

Insert emotion into the video

Instructions for using Dubsmash

Insert text into video

Step 7: After inserting and editing the video like that, you click Arrow sign icon in the upper right corner of the screen to complete this lip sync video.

Instructions for using Dubsmash

After running, you will be redirected to a window with 3 options for you to share:

  • Messenger: Share via message
  • Whatsapp: Share via chat and messaging apps for free
  • Save to Gallery: Save to library.

In this article, we take the step to save to the library.

Instructions for using Dubsmash

So the process of making the lip sync video with Dubsmash has been completed. To video playback you can go back to the homepage, Click on the 3 dashes icon in the upper left corner.

Instructions for using Dubsmash

Continue to click My Dubs.

Instructions for using Dubsmash

MyDubs list opens, you will see the video you just made or the other videos here. Want to see any video again, just touch it to open it.

Instructions for using Dubsmash

Hopefully, with the instructions above, you already know how to make a passage yourself lip sync video with Dubsmash application – A trend that is causing fever on the online community today.

Dubsmash for Android Dubsmash for iOS

Wish you all success!

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