Mobile Union: Instructions to play Trieu Van – Pearl board, how to build up

Zhao Yun – Dragon Knight in Arena of Valor is an extremely powerful gladiator general with a jungle position. Let’s learn how to play as well as the jade table, towards equipment for Trieu Van in the article below.

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Mobile Union: Instructions to play Trieu Van – Pearl board, how to build up

Overview of Trieu Van


  • As a champion with strong dashing ability
  • A gladiator with a large amount of damage and health at the end of the game thanks to the Dragon general’s passive
  • Has the ability to dispel the effect of controlling and breaking combat.


  • As a strong Gladiator champion, the starting health is quite low
  • If you don’t kill or participate in the kill, you will be very weak because there is no passive bonus.

Trieu Van Pearl Table

Trieu Van has a fast-paced gameplay, so the run-up gems as well as physical attack will be more effective for this champion. Refer to the jade table for Trieu Van:

  • Red Gem: 10 physical attacks.
  • Purple Gem: 10 Physical ATK + Movement Speed.
  • Emerald: 10 physical attacks + armor penetration.


  • Red Gem: 10 armor + max health + attack speed
  • Purple Gem: 10 attack speed + movement speed
  • Emerald: 10 physical attacks + armor penetration

Trieu Van skill

Skill 1 is used to solve the effect of controlling as well as slowing down the opponent, you should raise 1-2 points at the beginning of the game. Then max skill 2 first to take damage and then max skill 1 later. The ultimate get the right level.

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How to equip Trieu Van

The sectarian equipment for Trieu Van:

  • Ra’s cloak: Increases resistance and the ability to burn nearby enemies.
  • Guard shoes: Increases armor and movement speed
  • Sword Complex: Increases a large amount of damage to Trieu Van.
  • Gaia Armor: Increases magic spell, max health and movement speed.
  • Lost Shield: Slows down the opponent’s attack speed
  • Armor of Suffering: Gives the ability to counter attack and withstand.

In addition, still encourage players to map Trieu Van according to the match situation. Because Trieu Van is a gladiator with low health in the early game and only gets stronger when supporting or killing, so work hard to gank to earn passive points.

Wish you all success with Trieu Van in Arena of Valor!

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