How to use the AK47 gun in the Raid game

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If you have been passionate about shooting games or historical movies, the image and name of the AK gun are no longer unfamiliar. With the speed, the power it has, this weapon used to be what makes the opponent dread in classic games like Halflife or CrossFire … However, if in Halflife, what AK47 has is just that. In general strength and speed, with the Assault (CF), this weapon has been raised to a new level.

Let’s talk a little bit about AK47 in the game CrossFire. This is a weapon that has a great deal of power, a high degree of damage, the ability to shoot from a distance (hit the target) better, and cause the opponent to lose more blood. For gamers with good skills, this will be an extremely scary weapon. Unlike other weapons, AK47 has three types of “release” for users to choose and use for different situations and opponents.

AK47 guns in the game CrossFire

How to use the AK47 gun in the game Raid – CrossFire

The three firing styles that the AK47 have are: Burst, Tap, and Spray. Each shot has the ability, effect and suitability of enemies and different terrains. Let learn more about them!

Option 1: AK47 shoots Burst

This is the easiest and basic way to shoot and is often chosen by new players (or because you are not used to shooting indiscriminately). Each time they shoot, they will fire about 3-5 bullets at a time. With a moderate distance and the opponent does not know your ability, this shot can “scare” them a few times. However, once you know you are just a “dreamer”, then killing you with a pistol is not difficult. Burst is also the way to shoot that most clearly shows the shortcomings of AK, that is, just after 2-3 rounds, the gun center will be bigger, more jerky, making it difficult for players to shoot accurately (especially when the opponent moves. good).

CrossFire Burst - Emergenceingame

The standard way to shoot Burst is when you shoot right in combination with movement. That is, after each shot, the player needs to move continuously until the barrel shrinks for the next shot to be more precise. This is also an advantage, because if you remember in Halflife, the AK is usually quite small, making it easier to focus on the enemy.


When using Burst with AK47, please Remember: shoot – move, move – shoot – move, not follow any rules and any orientation so that the opponent cannot guess.

Method 2: AK47 shoot each bullet – Tap

For many players (both old and new), this shot is like a “double-edged sword”, type 50 – 50. However, for the experienced gamer, this is how to fight with AK47 is very popular. Because according to them, this shooting style meets all the requirements that a gun user needs, from shooting skills, the ability to use the mouse and keys, the gamer ‘s tenacity as well as the judgment.

This method of shooting usually applies to a gunfight at a long distance, when both shoot and “poke” each other’s blood and no one accepts, wants to rush forward. “Tap” – AK47 user will shoot quickly, evenly, and extremely accurately each bullet (or up to 2 bullets at a time) at the opponent. However, because this way of shooting cannot destroy the opponent quickly, the possibility of a counterattack is very great. If you’re lucky, you will “headshot” the opponent, or vice versa, and the fight will be over.

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Because luck contributes significantly in this way of shooting, “tap” requires players to have the ability to handle extremely accurately and quickly, plus indispensable stubbornness and calmness. Because if you are in a hurry, the mind only needs to deviate a little bit, all your projectiles will be useless.


  • When shooting Tap, should click continuously, steadily (1 time, 2 – 3 times, 1 time), it shouldn’t take too long because it will deviate, expand, but also shouldn’t be too fast, because if it hits, one shot will not put the opponent in danger by 3 – 4 tablets.
  • If necessary, it is possible “take the bullet”, maintain your posture and position to recoverInstead of dodging, it lost the shot angle and shot position.

Method 3: AK47 shoot “flush” – Spray

Often with sniper weapons, long-range like AK, few people think about defrosting for one shot. However, there are also cases when we are “close to” with the enemy, the Burst or Tap is no longer important, but even does not work, at this time, playing ice is the best strategy. .

CrossFire spray - Emergenceingame


With this shot there is not much to say, players Just remember one thing: shoot accurately. That means in this case, gun center should be at belly level, chest is the best, then keep firing until the ammo is gone, or the opponent lies down.

With 1 headshot and 4 bullets on the body, AK47 can kill any opponent even if they are full of health and armor, so this is not only one of the most powerful weapons, but also a favorite weapon for players. best for its maneuverability, and its power.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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