PUBG’s new map will change every time gamers enter the game

Map moi cua PUBG se thay doi moi lan game thu vao trancccbd699ce21a45b - Emergenceingame

Patch 9.1 of the PUBG brought Paramo map New to the server for a week. Paramo is a 3×3 km arena with an active volcano in the center.

In addition to the unique setup compared to other PUBG maps, the difference of Paramo also lies in the change the layout and match-by-match weather conditions, adjusting key landmarks and terrain change each area. Lava from Paramo’s active volcano will damage players and vehicles.


Players will find item boxes scattered throughout the new map. Paramo supports up to 64 players and is currently only available with three-member teams. This map doesn’t have Red Zones, but the Blue Zone here will deal more damage than other maps and have a slower shrink rate.

Unlike other maps, players are transported to Paramo by helicopter instead of cargo plane. This is a very important detail because the helicopter itself will come back and bring the support packages. When shot, the helicopter will drop support items – a mechanism unique to this map. The downed booster packs contain unique items that can’t be found on the map, such as the emergency handler, which allows the player to revive teammates in one second.

PC players will be able to experience the new map in the Season 9 update released on October 21.


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