Super war game Star Wars: Squadrons released a beautiful “movie”

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EA and EA Motive uploaded a new trailer about Star Wars: Squadrons, with the content revolving around the dramatic air battle between the New Republic and an Imperial pilot. The video is an impressive collaboration product between EA Motive, Lucasfilm and ILM.

The trailer, titled Hunted, tells the story of one of the game’s main characters. Players will take on the role of Varko Gray – the only surviving pilot from the New Republic’s destruction mission at Var-Shaa’s dock.

After the attack, aboard a nearly destroyed TiE Interceptor, Gray escaped from the New Republic’s pursuit. Thrilling, interesting and bold”Star Wars” of the trailer directly hits the fans’ emotions. The video gives an overview of the game’s content and somewhat evokes sympathy with the villains, a difference compared to other games. previous Star Wars games.

Star Wars: Squadrons launches on October 2 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for $40. Pre-order players will receive a variety of fashion items such as: New Republic’s var-Shaa Hunter X-Wing skin, Imperial Var-Shaa Survivor TIE Interceptor skin, New Republic Flight Suit skin, Imperial Ace Flight Suit skin and two sets other skins.


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