Guide to playing Summoners War for beginners

How to play Summoner War Not difficult if you have some know-how. Posts will provide instructions for playing Summoners War for beginners.

Summoners War is a very cool and addictive Gacha game on mobile. Summoners War impresses with the attractive monster style with lots of impressive leveling options. If you have ever played Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians, it is not difficult for you to integrate into the world of Summoners War. However, if you are new to playing, at first, you will be a little surprised. Don’t worry, will share with you some tips for playing Summoner War useful.

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How to play Summoners War

Get to know the monster first

Lucia in Summoners War

Start the game Summoners WarYou will receive a few monsters for free: Fire Hellhound, Water Fairy, Wind Vagabond, Light Elven Ranger, Light Garuda, Water Magic Knight. The current Water Magic Knight (Lapis) is considered to be the most powerful and useful. When you get Lapis, this will be the key character you use in the game. However, be cautious when ignoring the remaining monsters. In addition to Fire Hellhound (Sieq), the monsters mentioned above are quite rare, so you should keep them because they may need to be used later.

Monsters in Summoners War

From the start, the water fairy (Elucia) and Sieq are your main beast. They are quite powerful and easiest to upgrade. In fact, while easily acquired, the Sieq is one of the more powerful natural 2-star units than Elucia and a great complement to any lineup.

Fire monsters in Summoners War

After completing the first quest, you’ll receive a few more monsters, notably the Water-Type Garuda (Konamiya), the Wind-Type Pixie (Shannon), and the Wind-Type Griffon (Bernard). These three monsters all have excellent team support and are the perfect choice for those who want to replace the original water-type Fairy.

However, it’s best to focus on maximizing these monsters in the first few games rather than leveling up multiple times to use them. This is because you will have to evolve weak monsters. This process is really time consuming. Therefore, if you do that quest with a bunch of monsters, you know how long you have to wait. Four monster options are recommended in the early stages, including: Water-type Magic Knight (Lapis), Light-type Garuda (Teon), Fire-type Hellhound (Sieq), and Wind-type Griffon (Bernard ).

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Table of stats in Summoners War

Also, be sure to keep at least one of the monsters with base stats as they can be useful later.

Conquer giants in GB10

Conquer giants in Summoners War

Initially, the Giant GB10 may be discouraging but you definitely need to accomplish this goal. GB10 is where you will “plow” to get great runes in increasing the power of monsters.

To win powerful giants, you need a quality squad. The effort and time to beat GB10 not only gives you more experience, but also countless other interesting things.

Participate in both PvP and PvE battles

Summoners War has two modes, PvP and PvE

You will receive different rewards when fighting in the arena or playing back Story missions. They’re all meant to be useful, so it’s a good idea to join as many matches as you can to get the maximum amount of rewards.

That doesn’t mean you can’t choose the type of war to start. If you don’t like PvP, you don’t have to win all the battles to get all the prizes (including daily quests) from the arena, you absolutely can choose to only participate when it is worthwhile. price. While it’s hard to avoid the PVE content, you can still lead your team to focus more on PVP if you want.

Play as much story content as possible

Summoners War plays according to the storyline

Whether you choose to invest more in PVE or PVP in Summoners War, you will still want to learn the story deeper because it opens up different maps and activities, unprecedented in the early game. You cannot go further in any content until you fulfill the mission in this story.

Rune – Gem, Awaken – Awaken and use silver monster

Upgrade monsters in Summoners War

It may not be the same as the original one, but the runes do make the beast really powerful. In particular, level 2, 4, 6 runes increase your monster’s stats exponentially. Try and increase runes for your favorite monsters, awaken them when possible. An awakened monster always has stronger stats and skills, helping you to finish the game better than an unawakened monster.

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Note, silver level monsters are weaker than gold and purple levels, so they cannot awaken. Silver monsters can only be used to upgrade & evolve the main gold & purple monster.

Create a rancher

Create a plow farm game Summoners War

Before owning a powerful team in Summoners WarYou will need units that specialize in plowing experience (exp). This is why you must upgrade low star monsters higher. Luckily, you will have a water magic knight, Lapis from the very beginning to create an excellent rancher until the end of the game.

You might even want at least one rancher for each element to plow on certain maps, but for now, you should only focus on using Lapis to level up other monsters. What makes Lapis great is because of her AOE abilities and self-healing – two abilities that are most expected of every farmer.

Once you’ve leveled up Lapis a bit, you can lead it along with 3 other monsters to join a plan and repeat until they have fully leveled up. Here’s how you plow the game. The best starting place to get experience in the game is in the volcano because Lapis has the power against monsters there.

Build new buildings whenever possible

Build new buildings in Summoners War

The more you go into Summoners War, the more you will realize the game has a lot of unique buildings than it was at first. Each project has its own benefits and will provide you with daily prizes. So, don’t hesitate to build them as soon as possible. You don’t need to upgrade them much. In addition, the rewards received from them will help you develop more smoothly in Summoners War.

Join the guild and make friends right from the start

Join guilds in Summoners War

Making friends & joining associations has 3 main benefits. Firstly, being a part of a guild and using a mentor in battle, you will receive hard-to-find daily rewards. Besides, your friends will also give you points to summon new monsters.

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Most importantly, however, owning lots of friends and being a part of a clan sometimes allows you to unlock dungeons containing unique rewards. Friends unlock special dungeons based on the elemental area open that day (it might allow you to plow light-system Vagabond units that wouldn’t normally be possible). In addition, the guild that unlocked its own dungeon often gave the “unique” prize to those who fought side by side with them.

Be careful when accepting prizes right away

Be careful when accepting prizes in Summoners War

Many people usually accept rewards as soon as they receive them, but in Summoners War take a moment to consider their benefits a bit. First, you get one two-week free experience boost, so you should avoid accepting any other experience gain awards until the end of this period. If not, it’s easy to lose useful tools. Also, you should avoid accepting exp when possible, at least the first time around. Energy isn’t always a big deal in this game, but you will drain it while plowing. If you want to optimize your experience, you should avoid receiving high EXP awards from achievements until you run out of energy as it will automatically refill after leveling up.

Note: You should do and receive prizes from daily quests. These quests offer great rewards and are always related to the series of events that take place in Summoners War.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Don't be afraid to ask questions while playing Summoners War

Summoners War is more social than you think. So don’t be afraid to constantly chat with other players often and ask questions when you have problems. Almost everyone in the community is ready to help.

Hope this article will help you get started Summoners War easily. Wish you success and have fun playing the game.

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