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AOE Facebook Gaming Creators Cup 2019 Round 4: Saigon New failed, Skyred made a spectacular comeback

On the 24th of November last, AOE Facebook Gaming Creators Cup 2019 entered the 4th round with the participation of 10 professional clans: EFUNVN Bibi Club, Sparta, Saigon New, Skyred, Thai Binh, Biluxury Hanoi, SmartMen Ha Nam, Nghe An, Roman Renaissance and Team 6699 .​


The first round is the confrontation between Roman Renaissance and Nghe An, after 3 previous defeats, this is an opportunity for Nghe An to win its first victory in the tournament. Not surprisingly, No1 and his teammates won 8-1 against the opponent and kept 8th place on the rankings. Behind Nghe An is the defeat of the general in the last battle – Roman Restoration.

In the second round, the audience had the opportunity to admire the fighting of SmartMen Ha Nam and formidable opponent EFUNVN Bibi Club. EFUNVN Bibi Club continued to extend its victory with a score of 6-3 against SmartMen Ha Nam. With an undefeated record in all 4 rounds, this clan is currently holding the top position on the rankings with 4 points. Meanwhile, winning only 1 point, SmartMen Ha Nam only holds 7th place.​


Confronting Team 6699 in the 4th round – Biluxury Hanoi did not disappoint the fans when it defeated the opponent with a score of 6-3, rising to 6th place in the rankings. It’s quite unfortunate for Team 6699 when they have not won any victories after 4 rounds and are temporarily ranked last.

What surprised the audience on this day of competition was Sparta’s spectacular victory over Saigon New. Having temporarily held the leading position after the 3rd round, the thought that Saigon New could crush the opponent with the rising “moral”, however, the players of this clan had a failed day. lost to the Sun Sparrow and his teammates with a score of 0-9. This victory helped Sparta rise to 2nd in the rankings with 3 points and 1 match left, just behind EFUNVN Bibi Club, while Saigon New dropped to 3rd place.

The end of the dramatic day was the confrontation between Skyred and Thai Binh, led by the opponent 1-4, thinking that Skyred would surely fail, but Thai Binh’s performance was not really excellent in the second half. The round allowed Skyred to bounce, coming back up to win 5-4. With this victory, Skyred temporarily held the 4th place in the rankings, Thai Binh remained in 5th place with 2 points after 4 rounds.​


Tournament information:

  • First prize of AOE There is a qualifying tournament in the League format (one-round round-robin competition)​

  • A record with 93 competitive matches, lasting up to 2 months and being played on a fixed schedule every Saturday and Sunday.​

  • Each match has 9 matches, winning 1 point, losing no points. The score of each match will be the basis for ranking the order of the teams on the table in the group stage.​

  • 10 teams participated, bringing together the stars who are streamer top in the village Empire.​

  • Tournament information (livescore) and rankings are continuously updated at:​

  • Competition period: November 16, 2019 – January 12, 2020​

  • Competition format: 4vs4 Random​​

Competition Format:
Qualifying Round (18 rounds): 10 teams compete in a round-robin, each bet has 9 matches. The winning team in the match gets 1 point, the losing team 0 points. The score of each match will be the basis for ranking the teams on the table in the group stage.
knockout round: The 4 teams with the highest total points in the qualifying round will advance to the knockout round.
Semi-finals 1: The top 1 team meets the top 4 team
Semi-final 2: Top 2 vs. top 3
Total Finals (Bo 11): It is a competition between two teams that won two finals.

According to EGN

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