Vo Lam Tran Bao officially Alpha Test 5/11, gamers ready to experience?

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Download Vo Lam Tran Bao in: https://volamtranbao.onelink.me/Jg0v/PR

With the top-notch graphics system, the gameplay retains the quintessence of the martial arts game series but still has different improvements, Vo Lam Tran Bao – PK orgasm super product from NPH Gamota attracted the attention of many gamers. At the present time, this game has its own strong community, ready to wait for the official launch date.


After officially opening pre-loading for both iOS and Android users, as well as announcing the Alpha Test time at 10:00 am on November 5, Vo Lam Tran Bao also revealed a series of activities for gamers during the testing period. like: Race TOP Alpha Test to receive OB gifts, Register for AT experience to receive 2 million code, Report AT errors to receive super attractive gifts,…


In particular, in the Alpha Test Event Chain activity, gamers only need to share the landing page https://vltb.gamota.com/alphatestAt the same time, inviting teammates to accompany you in the world Vo Lam Tran Bao will immediately have the opportunity to open 4 treasure boxes: Hoa Son Tran Bao, Tieu Dao Tran Bao, Thuy Yen Tran Bao, Thien Vuong Tran Bao and Thien Vuong Tran Bao. receive extremely useful ingame gift packages for gamers.


Also during this time, gamers will be free to experience almost all the features of the official Vo Lam Tran Bao version. Along with that, NPH Gamota also allows gamers to load freely and will have a promotion program of up to 150% in the OB version.


So all preparations are ready, gamers have warmed up the device, Vo Lam Tran Bao will officially Alpha Test at 10:00 tomorrow, November 5, 2020. Let’s look forward to and experience the most anticipated orgasmic PK product in the last months of 2020!

In addition, in order to make the AT experience of gamers more special, Gamota has strongly given away a series of extremely good Giftcodes according to the link below.

Learn more about Vo Lam Tran Bao at:

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