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Another Streamer left Twitch to play with Mixer


Add one streamer other big leaves Twitch and switch to Microsoft’s latest online platform. Popular streamer Cory ‘KingGothalion’ Michael, today, announced an exclusive stream on Mixer starting October 29.

KingGothalion has over a million followers on Twitch and is one of the founding members of GuardianCon, the annual fan event Destiny Held every summer in Orlando, Florida.


In the clip posted to Twitter, the streamer said: “I thought this would be a difficult decision, but honestly, it was quite easy. I believe that partnering with Xbox and Microsoft not only helps. develop what we have, but also support the most important goal, which is to play the game well, every step from helping streamers build their own channels, consulting development roadmaps, raising money for charity to hosts events like GuardianCon and GCX. Mixer offers a partnership that has the potential of a platform’s viewership as well as the backing of Xbox, one of the biggest names in gaming.”


Gothalion also confided: “I know that some people may not switch to Mixer, but I want you to know that you still have a chance to hear my voice through users from other platforms, so there will be no Big change from before.”

Gothalion started his career on Twitch in 2013, then along with Ben ‘ProfessorBroman’ Bowman and Kevinxvision founded GuardianCon in 2015, raising money for the St. Jude’s Children.​

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