Top 15 Best RPG Games of All Time (The Last Part)

5. World of Warcraft (Developed: Blizzard Entertainment; Released: 2004)

When it was released in 2004, World of Warcraft quickly became a game MMORPG The most popular by far. Thanks to all its great features, World of Warcraft became one of the legends of the MMORPG series, despite some limitations, World of Warcraft is still remembered by players as a game. RPG the best.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

World of Warcraft brought many surprises to players at that time, satisfying combat skills and building a miniature virtual world model. Players will step into the adventure world of World of Warcraft and feel that this is an RPG game that creates the most satisfying feeling.


But for World of Warcraft, things have never stopped, fancy words like “great” or “best” up to this point are still dedicated to Blizzard Entertainment’s products by gamers. That’s when the game was refurbished, improved in quality, and added many new features after 13 years that made World of Warcraft continue to be “immortal” in the hearts of gamers. And remember, not many online game products can set foot on the big screen like World of Warcraft.


Do you know?

  • World of Warcraft peaked in October 2010, with 12 million accounts.​

  • It has 40,000 NPCs… which are four times larger than before, in 2009.​

  • From 2004 to 2011, humans have collectively spent nearly 6 million years playing World of Warcraft.​

4. Pokémon Yellow (Developed: Game Freak; Released: 1999)

Not Pokemon Go, Pokémon Yellow is the best Pokemon game. Pokémon Yellow has created an attractive RPG game since Pokémon Red and Blue when “mixing” these two titles into one product. Perhaps one of Pokémon Yellow’s best and most notable innovations is Pikachu. Players will have a real Pokemon game when they always have a companion with them, which can evolve from low level to high level.

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Even Pokemon can learn new skills. Therefore, Pokémon Yellow creates one of the most authentic Pokemon plot exploits. That’s why, Pokémon Yellow is fourth in this ranking.


Do you know?

  • Nintendo released a special Game Boy Color, along with Pokémon Yellow​​

  • Pokémon Yellow is one of the few games compatible with the Game Boy Machine, allowing players to enter Pokédex items into stickers.​

  • Pokémon Yellow remains the only core Pokémon game where players can’t choose their Pokémon to start with.​

3. Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn (Development: BioWare; Released: 2000)

In an age where digital technology advances at a dizzying rate with respectable graphics and processing power, the relatively low appearance of Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn may not seem like enough. But this is a clear demonstration that a game with an excellent story and great gameplay is enough to “knock down” players without the need for a luxurious graphics platform. BioWare continues to deliver an excellent game, continuing the successful values ​​throughout the series released 15 years later.


After the success of Baldur’s Gate in 1998, BioWare surpassed gamers’ expectations with the sequel. Baldur’s Gate II includes massive environments, turn-based strategy, and side quests enough to fill any player’s bookshelf. But the real stars of the game are the characters and the plot. From the terrifying and complicated villain to the lovable Minsc, Baldur’s Gate II is a great and wonderful work of fantasy horror. If you haven’t played it, you should try it right away. And remember, give your eyes away, don’t care about the graphics.

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2. Final Fantasy VI (Developed: Square; Released: 1994)

Compared to its brethren, Final Fantasy VI offers a breath of fresh air, albeit with a bleak atmosphere. Final Fantasy VI dared to answer the question “what if the bad guys win?” for the first time. By letting the bad guys win halfway through the story. Final Fantasy VI is not afraid to touch on sensitive issues such as war, genocide, etc.


Final Fantasy VI avoids the short-sighted view of letting the player use a single protagonist to tell a larger, more emotional story. Final Fantasy VI makes gamers ready to face all the heavy and painful consequences. After all, Final Fantasy VI became one of the best Final Fantasy versions of all time in particular and of the RPG series in general.


FFVI’s unique gameplay is another success: FFVI removes the old, rigid gameplay system of previous Final Fantasy and allows players to use any one of 14 characters. Tower defense games break the monotony of battles while each character’s unique fighting abilities serve a purpose. Nothing feels redundant or wasted in Final Fantasy VI. And that explains why FFVI has become so outstanding over the past two decades.


Do you know:

  • Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu says Final Fantasy VI is one of his best compositions.​

  • Terra is actually Tina in the Japanese version, but not many players try to like this.​

first. Chrono Trigger (Development: Square; Released: 1995)

Putting Chrono Trigger at the forefront will surprise many people. More than 20 years after Square’s legendary era debuted on the SNES, many players still feel the originality and creativity of Chrono Trigger. Seamless transitions between world maps rife with enemies and engaging combat. The placement of enemies was not in order, in most RPGs at the time there were random battles. That makes every fight in Chrono Trigger feel interesting.

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The bravery and determination of the juvenile heroes (combined with Akira Toriyama’s memorable art style) make the characters legendary. Combining all of this with the repeated replay of the game’s soundtrack makes Chrono Trigger the top RPG on this list.


Do you know?

  • Chrono Trigger has 13 different unique endings.​

  • Nornstein Bekkler also laughs like Kefka Palazzo in Final Fantasy VI.​

  • There is a mysterious room in the game where the developers have left messages for players.​

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