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Understanding all forms of combat, possessing a deep and dangerous calculation mind, holding the world’s largest corporation with billions of dollars in hand, also owning the most advanced technology.. are a few factors that allow it. Batman can cope with any danger. But after all, the most famous superhero DC Comics This is still just a life in the universe, a mortal cannot be invincible anytime, anywhere.. Yet throughout history, our Dark Knight has had to cover many times. at the hands of extremely powerful opponents. Some of them have their own reputation like Bane, Joker, Darkseid or Superman .. but others are completely anonymous and easily never appear outside the page. comic comics.

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Very few people know about Prometheus, but this can be considered as one of the villains with the most opposite image compared to Batman, from his origin to his journey to becoming a warrior later. Very little is known about Prometheus’ true identity except that he had both criminal parents. From a young age Prometheus followed his parents to all parts of the United States and witnessed them commit extremely heinous crimes. But retribution soon caught up with the couple when they were surrounded by police forces and shot down right in front of Prometheus’s eyes. The event shocked the little mind so much that it turned all of his hair white, making him swear to destroy any force that represents justice in this world. Using the money his parents had saved from blackmailing the Mafia and robbing them, Prometheus began traveling the world to learn all forms of combat.

He used to fight in lawless arenas in Brazil, he used to join the mercenary force in Africa, he used to join the ranks of terrorists in the Middle East, and he also entered schools. the most famous university in the world as well as joining the elite. He’s like a mirror image of Bruce Wayne… only standing at a completely different extreme. And with a mind as deep as Batman, Prometheus almost succeeded in total annihilation Justice League.


He defeated each member of the Justice League based on a different weakness and after taking dozens of hostages he demanded that Superman commit suicide or kill all innocent beings. Batman himself was defeated by Prometheus in hand-to-hand combat when he used a special hat that downloads the skills of 30 of the best warriors on Earth including Batman. After all, only with the help of Catwoman when she accidentally broke into the Watch Tower to steal, Prometheus was defeated.

Mutant Leader

The Dark Knight Returns series allows viewers to meet an old and washed-out Batman figure that has been earned for a long time. However, after Gotham was threatened by gangs of mutants he was forced to return. Batman knew that to kill snakes, he had to behead and the goal at that time was a duel with the leader of the monstrous gang to show his absolute power against the enemy who was completely overwhelming the majority.

However, what Batman lacks in old age is what the Mutant Leader has more than enough in youth. With the insane power of a living animal hiding in the sewers, the Mutant Leader soon preempted Batman. After the weak support, he broke the Dark Knight’s bones before using a crowbar to beat his body. Perhaps this part of the story was titled Death of the Dark Knight.



In one of DC’s strangest storylines, Batman has the opportunity to face the most bloodthirsty race of hunters in the Predator galaxy. But honestly, it’s hard for anyone to imagine an alien force with stealth capabilities and weapons far beyond human imagination being able to visit Gotham. Therefore, Batman was not prepared before discovering the true cause of a series of massacres inside the city.

With the main weapon being the Predator camouflage cloak, Batman soon became a true prey. The Dark Knight’s body is swung back and forth by the monster’s blade, leaving him so bad that he paralyzes his entire body for the rest of the plot. Finally, after fortunately surviving, Batman had to use an Exo Skeleton armor to aid his movement and face the Predator once more.


Deacon Blackfire

No matter what danger he is in, Batman can always escape and respond to the perpetrator immediately. With Deacon Blackfire, however, the Dark Knight must witness an indelible stain in his history of fighting crime. The stain is called Deacon Blackfire.

Having the nature of a con man, but Deacon Blackfire soon found himself building up an entire cult of fanatics with the intention of dominating the whole of Gotham. Although nearly 100 years old, this sick man has discovered a way to stay young by bathing in human blood, making him the most disgusting of Batman’s enemies. However, it is worth mentioning that Deacon Blackfire also has a transcendent intelligence, allowing him to control Batman when he is mortally wounded during the mission.

Throughout his time under Blackfire’s control, Batman was starved.. tortured.. poisoned.. drugged.. and finally hypnotized to make him do whatever he did. the demon master commands. The climax of the story is when Batman is hallucinating and holding a gun to kill people, doing two things that hurt him the most in his life.

To be continued.

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