Angry that the developer sells poor quality products, gamers immediately make game mods to “coffee”

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Fallout 76 has had a bumpy journey filled with scandals since its release, most recently the game once again disappointed the gaming community with the sale of T-51 gas helmets for 150 USD (nearly 3 USD). , 5 million dong) but has poor quality. As previously reported, copies of the T-51 gas helmet are distributed by Chronicle and distributed by Gamestop had to be recalled urgently due to the risk of causing illness to players.​


According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the fabric inside these hats has become moldy, posing a risk of respiratory infections, especially for people with weakened immune systems, lungs that have been damage or allergy to mold. GameStop is currently contacting the buyers to recall the hat and refund them.

This is not the first time Bethesda faced with player complaints about the quality of the collectibles they sold. Bored with the company’s behavior, however, gamers do not curse or drop review bombs but apply another “coffee” measure. Recently, a player with ID Herby247 developed a new mod for Fallout 4it’s worth noting here that this mod seems to be created purely to poke fun at Bethesda’s recently recalled shoddy product.


This mode adds the T-51 helmet item to the game, but when wearing it, your character will suffer continuous radiation damage. In the narration, the mod’s author describes that “due to the risk of mold bacteria, the hat was withdrawn by the manufacturer before the world war.” The author himself admits this is a miscellaneous and stupid mod, but he does not regret making it. Perhaps this is also a way to relieve players’ frustration and frustration with developers.​

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