Bang Chien Season Two Wind Lang Thien Ha ends, the champion is called [91]HNsmile

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Having brothers has everything, it is true, with the spirit of solidarity, life and death together, as soon as Bang Chien Season 2 is started, Phong Lang Thien Ha community has once again become more vibrant than ever. From S73 – Bang Thuy to S109 – Ten Faces, all are enthusiastic, all want to bring glory to their guilds and servers.


After 3 days of intense and fierce competition with extremely thrilling TOP shots, the battle rankings continuously changed every second, every minute, making even insiders and followers excited. Excited, looking forward and waiting to see which Guild will step into the harsh final round of Chi Ton To Quyet. And the championship is only one, the glory is only for the powerful guilds and have their own thorough preparation both in terms of people and tactics to be able to break through and write their name in the history of Phong Nha. Thien Ha Tomb.


Every war will come to an end, on November 15, 2020, Phong Lang Thien Ha was full of smoke and fire and the sound of bombs was finally unified, resounding with the guild. [91]HNsmile became the champion of Bang Chien Season 2 in a worthy and impressive way. Not only that, this victory also brought valuable rewards for all S91 Hai Long, gifts that Tan Vuong [91]HNsmile has brought it to its server.


Closing the State War Tournament this season, it can be seen how big the level of “playability” and fan indulgence of Phong Lang Thien Ha is when constantly bringing activities and tournaments for gamers to freely struggle. . In the near future, NPH Gamota will bring even more exciting and monumental events for its gaming community. Let’s look forward to it!

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