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Tower of Fantasy is an open world 3D MMORPG on Android and iOS from the developer Level Infinite, the game possesses many features and allows gamers to use Code Tower of Fantasy in exchange for free exclusive rewards.

For those new to the open world genre, it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing at first. Although the user interface is quite simple, not everyone understands all the features in the game. Therefore, the developers released the code Code Tower of Fantasy to make the journey of many people more convenient.

1. Introduction to Tower of Fantasy game

Tower of Fantasy is likened by the gaming community to Genshin Impact version 2, high-tech graphics, Idol standard voiceover sound and a diverse character system. Tower of Fantasy allows you to explore a vivid world, many majestic buildings.

2. Tower of Fantasy game features

– Action role-playing game with 3D graphics Unreal Engine
– More than 20 characters with different shapes and fighting styles
– Freely develop, build and create skill combos
– Beautiful open world game with many epic battles.
– Inter-server free trading, getting rich is not difficult.

code tower of fantasy

Summary of the latest Code Tower of Fantasy Mobile

3. Why enter the Tower of Fantasy Game Code?

Enter Code Tower of Fantasy to receive Dark Crystal, Black Nucleus, Caterpillar Fungus Noodles, Beauty Restore Voucher … and many other high-grade materials. You do not need to spend money and still have hundreds of types of power-ups.

4. Latest Code Tower of Fantasy List

– ht888

– huanta666
– huanta888
– huanta520
– ht666
– ht520
– YL666
– YL777
– YL888
– YL999

5. The fastest way to enter Code Tower of Fantasy

Step 1: After completing the beginner tutorial, select the . icon Gift box.
Step 2: Next you choose Redeem GiftCode.
Step 3: Import Code Tower of Fantasy in the empty box, click Confirm.
– Receive rewards through the box Letters.

redeem code tower of fantasy

6. How to get new Tower of Fantasy Codes
When the developers create a new code, they will post it on the official social networks Discord, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook for all players to see and use. Each new post pushes the codes further down, you may miss out on some Giftcodes. That’s why Taimienphi gathered all the Code Tower of Fantasy codes right here in this article.
– Tower of Fantasy Fanpage homepage
– Forum Tower of Fantasy Fanpage
– Group Tower of Fantasy Community
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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