All the latest information about the update Genshin Impact 1.1

Developer miHoYo are showing Genshin Impact actually blockbuster super cult with a rather “dense” update schedule, and players are prepared to welcome them the latest Genshin Impact 1.1 update. Let’s Funny game Find out the information about the copy Genshin Impact 1.1 Hey!

Genshin Impact 1.1 will be available on all servers soon
Genshin Impact 1.1 will be available on all servers soon

Although information about the new update is scarce, but Funny game will select them plus the roadmap for development Mihoyo included in a blog post to compile the most useful information.

Upcoming prayer events

  • After the event is over Venti will be a prayer event Klee, Xingqiu, Xiangling, Noelle (October 18, 2020 to November 7, 2020).
  • Next is the prayer event Xiao, Xingqiu (November 7, 2020 – November 27, 2020).
  • After that is a prayer event QiQi (November 27, 2020 to December 17, 2020).
  • And then there is the prayer event Keqing (December 17, 2020 to January 16, 2021).
  • And then there’s the prayer event Mona (January 16, 2021 to February 5, 2021).

New default prayer event (similar to Diluc or Jean)

  • The default prayer event includes QiQi, Keqing, Mona.

New 5-star and 4-star champions

5-star champions:

  • Zhongli – Lava system for loving. Skill E will create a pillar of stone that deals damage, and when it is unleashed, it will deal damage around to destroy Lava-type objects (like Main Nham’s E skill, E’s Zhongli) and ore. The Q technique summons 1 meteor to petrify the enemy (similar to freezing). Skills of Zhongli Scales with max HP and has a passive that refunds 15% of ore upon forging.
Zhongli - Genshin Impact
Zhongli – Genshin Impact
  • Childe – Aquatic system using the bow. The E move changes from ranged to close attacks with daggers and spears with water, and this ability has no cooldown so Childe will have 2 Q abilities in two different forms. When in ranged form will shoot a water bullet that inflicts a new special effect on enemies and refunds a portion of mana (like Q skill’s mana regen. Venti). The Q move when hit far will be used to combo with Q hit close, slash spread one hit, dealing additional damage to enemies affected by new special effects before. Passive of Childe is to upgrade the basic skills of the entire squad to 1 level.
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Childe - Genshin Impact
Childe – Genshin Impact

4 star champions:

  • Xinyan – Fire system uses heavy sword. The word rock superstar Liyue (as Barbara is the idol now Monstradt). The slash E damages and creates a shield according to the number of hit enemies, proportional to the defense stat (like Noelle). The Q technique creates a wave of surrounding sound, repels the enemy and scorches the ground. Passive for 12% gets double food when cooking items that increase defense.
Xinyan - Genshin Impact
Xinyan – Genshin Impact
  • Diona – Ice system uses bow. She is the daughter of Draff in Springvale, and is served at the Tail Meo restaurant Monstradt. With E skill throw a glass of ice like molotov in CSGO Deals damage to enemies and heals allies in the affected area. Currently there is no information about Q skill.
Diona - an outstanding SP support mage in the upcoming version of Genshin Impact 1.1?
Diona – an outstanding SP support mage in the upcoming version of Genshin Impact 1.1?

New Event Mechanism and new rewards?

New player introduction event (like master map system):

  • Receive Mora when someone enters the code and the textures when they reach level 15. New players below level 7 can enter the code and people above level 15 can generate the code.

Food delivery events:

  • Bonuses on the amount of raw materials you receive when delivering something. Each dish also has its own rewards as shown in the picture. Completing 3 dishes will add 3 new dishes, but do not know how many times.
Food Delivery Event in Genshin Impact
Food Delivery Event in Genshin Impact

Flight events:

  • There are 7 races on the map, and earn points for completion and bonuses for picking up tokens along the way. Each stage has 3 medals Gold and silver and Copper with different rewards.

Unreturned Star Facts:

  • Complete 3 parts of this event to be able to use the new event shop. In the shop will have more rewards such as elemental stones for character upgrades and 1 Fischl free.
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New Genshin Impact storyline missions

  • The new update will cover all of the rest of Chapter 1 in the storyline quest series at Liyue – Includes a new weekly boss, Childe, in the south of the port Liyue. (Monstradt has 2 Boss week and Liyue has 1 new boss)
  • As for the sidequests in other worlds, there is no confirmation yet.

New feature along with other useful changes

  • Fame system: Each region will have its own reputation system with different rewards. As you explore the world, do side quests for that region, or complete certain requests or quests without your credentials. Each zone also has an additional discovery progress% bar. Raising your fame unlocks various benefits such as name cards, new recipes and forging recipes, and reaching level 8 at Monstradt will give a new wing skin!
  • Weapon / holy object lock function to prevent being confused when strengthening.
  • A brief list of plants, flowers, ores, … in Teyvat (Like a wiki in the game).
  • Ability to lock the camera from zooming or rotating when using the ulti, …
  • Excess experience when strengthening weapons will turn into ore if possible instead of wasted.
  • Characters sent on adventures can still be used in the party.
  • Ability to convert your virgin resin into another pure plastic version for later use (For example, if you don’t want to play that day, log in and turn 120 resins into items for later use). Besides, you can use 40 virgin plastic at the stores Domain To earn double rewards, save time on repeated play.
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New item:

  • 5 new 5-star weapons for 5 weapon classes. 5 of them share the same damage and defense effect when attacking enemies, up to 5 stacks.
  • Mobility portal: placed in any position and exist up to 7 days. Can be used anywhere on the map.
  • Wind Spirit Vase: catches wind spirits and then uses them to create gusts of wind (like E’s Venti).
  • Food bags help you quickly use 2 dishes, auto refill until you finish.
  • The portable kitchen helps you to cook anywhere.
  • Talismans and compasses for each area, with compass pointing to chest, and charms for prodigy.

Besides, Genshin Impact 1.2 will be an update that opens the snowy mountains Monstradt and Liyue (possibly a Christmas event), while Genshin Impact 1.3 will be gathering at Lantern Festival in Liyue (possibly New Year event). New country Inazuma will have to wait until the Genshin Impact 1.4 update or later. Add a new character generation Dendro (Carpentry), looks quite similar Klee, Or maybe the skin of Klee.

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