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Vehicles will protect you and your teammates from enemy guns on the battlefield Free Fire. But which vehicle has the best HP in Garena Free Fire? Let’s find out with!

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Vehicle is critically important in nearly every battle royale survival war, and Free Fire is no exception. Thanks to them, you can move around the map of danger safely and faster. Meanwhile, the enemy needs to spend a lot of firepower to defeat you. In this article, let’s list them together Top vehicles with highest HP of Free Fire game Please!

5 – Motorcycle

HP: 300

Motorcycle is the second fastest vehicle in Free Fire with 60 speed and 1500 acceleration. Its advantage is ease of control. However, it is weaker than a pickup at top speed. Therefore, you have to drive for a long time to get to the top. On the other hand, when driving a motorcycle, you absolutely do not have any protection.

Motorcycles in Free Fire

4 – Pickup Truck

HP: 400

The Free Fire Pickup Truck is based on the Ford F series – one of the most famous pickups in the world since 1948. Although its high speed is at the top, it has quite low acceleration. It takes a while for this pickup to reach full speed. Therefore, it is not appreciated in Free Fire because the majority of the map is rugged terrain.

Pickup truck in Free Fire

3 – Sports Car

HP: 400

The sports car in the Free Fire is based on a real-life Ferrari GT812 prototype. It is the fastest vehicle in the game and will be the perfect choice if you want to drive around or bump into someone. Just be careful when traversing rough terrain as this sports car is easy to flip.

Sports car in Free Fire

2 – Jeep

HP: 500

The best transportation in Garena Free Fire. It has a relatively high defense, has a good team carry and is easy to maneuver. Although top speeds are lower than the aforementioned names, that’s not a problem because you can easily cross bad terrain while driving a Jeep.

Jeep in Free Fire

1 – Monster Truck

HP: 800

True to its name, the monster truck is the most powerful vehicle of Free Fire with the highest acceleration. You can rush into the enemy at any speed while driving Monster Truck. However, due to its large size, its maximum speed was low. You will have trouble driving it around the map.

Monster Trucks in Free Fire

Above are the means of transport with the highest HP in the Free Fire game. Hopefully the article helped you choose the right battle for Free Fire battles.

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