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Epic Seven is an anime-style role-playing game that takes players into the 7th world or the land of demons. To win the game, you need to control the warriors well as well as build smart strategies. Here are these Useful Epic Seven tips, helping you quickly beat your game’s goals.

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1. Understand each character class – Tank, Dealer, Supporter and Healer

Tips for playing the game Epic Seven

One of the most loved aspects of Epic Seven Allows testing of individual team members. The enemy always puts more power to attack the hero in the frontline than the rest, so it’s best to have the Tank (Knight / Warrior) class on the front line. Dealer (Mage / Thief) capable of fast & strong attack along with the healer and support in the backline will create a safer fighting stance.

However, this is not the only viable lineup. You can put Soul Weaver in first place because this class has both an attacker and healing role, while placing powerful Dealers behind them to help end the fight faster. If you prefer a slower but safer solution, you can also combine 2 Tanks and 2 Healers. Create your team according to your best style of play and strategy.

2. Equipment suitable for each warrior class

Equip weapons suitable for character Epic Seven

Epic Seven offers 6 different types of equipment: Weapons, Helmets, Armor, Boots, Necklaces and Rings. You can equip them in sets that include 2 or 4 character stat boosts, making it easy to gain an edge in the battle.

Recommended combinations for other hero characters:

  • For Knights and Warriors, you can equip Health Set & Defense Set for greater HP.
  • For Thieves & Mages, you can equip Attack Set and Critical Set to increase the damage.
  • For Rangers and Soul Weavers, you can equip the Speed ​​Set to increase healing and support.

3. Proficient in buffs and debuffs

It’s important to understand how monsters and heroes use buffs and debuffs. All buffs and debuffs only take place for a limited time (the numbers are shown on their icons). Buffs include barriers to protect allies or increase stats like Attack or Defense.

Conversely, Debuff can reduce these stats or completely paralyze the enemy. Accurate buffing & debuffing, quickly self-removing debuffs, and buffing your enemies will give you a great advantage in combat.

4. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the elements

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the elements in Epic Seven

Epic Seven There are 5 different elements: Fire – Fire, Ice – Ice, Earth – Earth, Light – Light, Dark – Dark. All complement each other. Using Fire against Earth, Earth vs Ice, Ice vs Fire and Light vs Dark is super effective.

Elemental’s advantage will give you benefits like greater accuracy, increased damage while an element’s disadvantage will reduce damage and chance of attack. This is extremely important when playing against other heroes in Arena or more powerful enemies.

5. Fight side by side with your assistants and join a guild

Choosing the right Assistant in Epic Seven

In Adventure or Side Story mode, sometimes you can get stuck in a battle with powerful enemies. This difficulty can be overcome by retrying with another team, completing previous stages to level up a hero or improve their equipment. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s not enough. Instead of giving up, you can ask for the help of a Supporter at any time or let them automatically replace the first position of the dead hero. These Assistants can be selected from the list that appears when you first enter the game.

Joining a Guild can dramatically improve your life in Epic Seven. You can easily communicate with other Guild members to learn how to upgrade heroes, receive necessary items. You will also have access to the Guild’s “Member Shop”. Here, you can buy MolaGora Seeds, Catalysts, and other useful items for hero development. To purchase items in the Member Shop, you need the Brave Crest – currency earned by donating gold to your guild or sending Aid to members.

Above are tips to play Epic Seven quickly win for beginners. Hope the article is useful to you!

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