After a lot of speculation, Halo 5 is still great for PC

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Once again, people raised rumors Halo 5 will release the game on PC due to a sudden branding activity from Microsoft. However, the manufacturer also once again confirmed Master Chief won’t visit keyboard mouse territory. Sorry “PC brothers”, we will have to wait until Halo Infinite could see Master Chief return.

The root of the above rumor is due to a small change on the console’s box: the title was changed from “Xbox One Exclusive” to “Xbox One Console Exclusive”. According to the confusing semantics of video game branding campaigns, “console exclusive” seems to be referring to this game will only be released on a single console platform, but will likely add a PC version. . Moreover, Microsoft’s recent investments in cross-platform gaming are easy to imagine that Halo 5 will go in this direction.


However, a Microsoft representative informed CNET that our expectations were hopeless:

This almost coincides with what happened at this year’s E3 expo, when a Windows 10 branding ad suddenly appeared on the game’s official store page, which was immediately followed by Microsoft’s press conference. . This “spontaneous announcement” seems to be in line with the Play Anywhere strategy being implemented by Microsoft, but in the end gamers still have to celebrate. (This is a proof photo for you to tell your friends that it has appeared.)


At the time, Frank O’Connor from 343 Industries said on ResetEra: “It’s not like the H5 will ever be on PC, but we don’t intend to at the moment. I would like to be frank. There are no hidden words.”

Halo 5: Forge released the PC version 2 years ago, but it is only a small corner of the game. Master Chief’s next journey was announced at the E3 game fair, and Halo Infinite will release the PC version on the same day as the corresponding console version, something unprecedented for the series.


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