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What do foreign gamers think about COD Black Ops 4’s Battle Royale mode?

On September 10, COD 15 was tested for the first Battle Royale mode on the PS4 platform and must have been played by many gamers, this is considered the 15th version in the COD series received. Lots of love so far. The official version will be released on October 12, 2018, it is known that last August when the beta was released, it created a wave of confusion in the gaming community.


The rather interesting phenomenon is that, according to SteamDB news, September 10 is the first day in an entire year that the number of PUBG players does not reach 1 million and coincidentally that is the first day that the game is released. COD 15’s Battle Royale level was released on PS4, through here it can be seen that this game is very popular with the gaming community.


However, this seems to have been favored by the media in advance, in front of many players who are curious and ask many questions for Black Ops 4 that do not know if this game is really worth playing. And in response to all doubts, Emergenceingame.Com will summarize some comments from the gaming community right here:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

@zhany: maybe it’s for personal reasons but I think the game’s setting is great, but the gameplay I don’t like.

@fatefear: after trying it out, I regretted pre-ordering the game.

@syg: listen to some unlucky friends and try to play, first time playing a game of escape and kill, today idle until part 4, seeing people but can’t fire a gun, just sitting in the room. This is really a game to see who is more infamous than who.

@babanqianqiu: there are animations at the beginning, the graphics are quite smooth, this is the best raid game ever played.
@chaonanshibei: I was raided once, ended up being turned over and shot to pieces.

@xiaolimao: the graphics are not good, all have to wait.

@kelioudeheiwa: I jumped down twice from the embankment with the tall building, failed to open the parachute each time, the result was…


@hbhkjsk: whenever I have free time, I can’t pick up my stuff, I don’t know if it’s due to lag or not, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

@qiuqianling: playing for 8 hours finally got shot, the graphics can’t be seen clearly, the map is so big, FPS okay okay.

@loushaool: sit and play for a bit, although there are no errors, but still want to wait for the PC version.

@renzhideyedie: the server doesn’t show the number of survivors, the second match was fine, but it still feels incomplete.


Blackout beta will land on Xbox One on September 14. If you have Early Access on PC you will also be able to play this September 14, otherwise you have to wait the next day. Blackout’s beta will end on all platforms on September 17, and Black Ops 4 will officially launch on October 12.

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