Advanced Skills for Master League of Legends (Part 1): Supportive Heroes


The support champions in League of Legends are chosen by quite a few players, but they are very important champions in a match game. In this article, will guide you through advanced techniques for support generals in League of Legends.


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Advanced Skills for Master League of Legends (Part 1): Supportive Heroes

1. Lulu

  • Continuously prank the enemy with Q – Love light But note that additional attacks from Pix spirits will be blocked if there are obstacles such as minions or monsters …
  • Strike E – Help, Pix grants true vision to champions for a few seconds, so use it when enemies have the ability to hide like invisibility or get into brush.
  • Q slow duration can be increased by casting it through minions and damaging enemies on the first beam then dealing direct damage to the second beam.
  • While placing the mouse pointer near Lulu’s side, Love light will be fired at 2 different directions.
  • Combo Flash + R – Hugeization can be used to instantly knock out one or more enemy champions. However, it should only be used in a few cases that are too pressing or let “the One” of Yasuo jump in Last word.
  • W – Transform Can be used on enemy champions to slow them down, not just to transform.
  • Be careful when helping your teammates last hit turrets, because in addition to the shots from Lulu, the dame from Pix also has the ability to last hit turrets.


2. Janna

  • W – Zephyr Jana’s mana is extremely expensive, so in the early game, consider before each use if you don’t want to go home and recover continuously.
  • Save the Q – Whirlwind to protect your gunner from incoming enemies. Don’t spam it unnecessarily as it is difficult to hit.
  • Hand-hitting is the best trick for Janna, as the available speed times her long range.
  • Janna’s Ultimate – Monsoon Can be used on the other side of walls or terrain, pay attention to this to heal your teammates.


3. Bard

  • Use your ultimate Heavenly destiny variable enter the tower and freeze it so the team can rush to “weed” the enemy team without fear of being shot by the turret.
  • At a level with his Q skill, Bard is very strong in the forest area thanks to the terrain. So it is possible to help the forest to steal the enemy team forest without fear.
  • Positioning using skill E: Miraculous journey can lead the enemy into an ally turret if he pursues you.
  • You can save your teammates by Heavenly destiny variable simply by throwing at the pursuers. Even when you cast both teammates and enemies, the freeze time will also help you to save in time or give your teammates time to think about a solution.
  • When there’s a stalker in the tunnel Miraculous journey, immediately cast E on him and the enemy will be stunned at the end of the tunnel.


4. Karma

  • Should use E or Q before using W – Dedicated will make it easier to root the enemy.
  • Combo R + W can heal you a lot.
  • Your opponent can look at the green aura behind you to see if you are The mantra or not
  • If you are not confident in your Q shooting ability, go for a combo Mantra + W Instead of using Q, it’s just as effective.


Hopefully the article has helped some tips for players in support positions in League of Legends. See you in the next part of the article.

Updated: February 17, 2020

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