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In the latest version of FIFA Online 4 football game we have known TOP TRANSFER season card. TOP TRANSFER card group members are leaving a bold impression and bringing extremely high commercial value to the managing clubs. As we said TOP TRANSFER is the gathering place for the transfer players with the highest fees in history as of the summer transfer window of the 2018/2019 season and has been updated by FIFA Online 4.

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Names like Ronaldo, Neyma, etc. rioted the transfer market at unbelievable prices for the strikers. In addition, the acquisition of Real goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois from Chelsea is also extremely exceptional for the defense, so who represents the central area? The following midfielders will help you feel secure with the price is not too high, but the impression is very great.

TOP TRANSFER’s Top Midfielder’s best season card in FO4

1. Fellaini


Topping the list of CMs in the TOP TRANSFER card group, surely none other than Fellaini with a successful transfer to MU. Fellaini is known for his ability to compete with hands and head ball. Fellaini’s strength index is up to 97, fitness is 91 with a height of nearly 2m. Not only assuming a good position as a central midfielder, but with many coaches Fellaini can play in the CAM / CF position to take advantage of crosses from two sides. Certainly there aren’t many players who can compete in the air with Fellaini.

2. Gennaro Gattuso

Gennaro Gattuso

With the rhino nickname, Gennaro Gattuso is able to break every obstacle in the midfield and is a tireless fighting machine in the midfield area. With immense physical strength and ideal height, Gennaro Gattuso has the ability to compete with extremely scary hands and is a powerful arm to support the defense in every battle. Therefore, the former AC Milan star is still one of the most popular central midfielders of many coaches.

3. Dembele


Dembele has a style of play that favors ball control and is capable of regulating the pace of the game. The strength index is up to 95, so Dembele is very formidable in the duel break, good ability to keep the ball, once the ball reaches his feet, it will be difficult to steal. When putting Dembele in the center, the coaches completely built up defensive tactics through the role of the central midfielder.

4. Patrick Vieira

Patrick Vieira

Patrick Vieira is one of Arsenal’s greatest players when he and Arsenal received countless trophies of his time at the club, With a height of 1m93 and indicators 93, Fitness 94, Decision 95 Patrick Vieira deserves worthy to be the leader. The French midfielder has an aggressive nature but is extremely serious and carries many qualities of a future coach, so he organizes very well in the midfield. Even in the match 11 vs 11 or even 4 vs 4, Vieira always wanted to be the winner, so Patrick Vieira was always hit very high in the TT team of FO4 this season.

5. Fredy Guarin

Fredy Guarin

The Colombian defensive midfielder Fredy Guarin plays for Shanghai Chan Hoa after moving from Inter Milan is cheap but extremely high quality. Aggressive, stubborn, long-shot is what people say about Fredy Guarin. Possessing 95 shot power and good hand-to-hand dispute, he is the sweeper in the midfield that any coach dreams of. Although he may have a large body, his ability to improvise is not fast and slow, so Fredy Guarin has not had too many great achievements.

6. Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba in TT is less colorful than he was at Juventus. The French midfielder with a stubborn personality is a big threat to MU and disagreements with the coach. However, on the pitch Paul Pogba is still a very popular name. In addition to the ability to kick the ball (Long Shoot 95 – Shoot Force 96), pass the ball (Long Pass 93 – Short Pass 94 – Vision 92), health (Strength 93 – Fitness 95) is also a factor to be appreciated. Pogba’s card not only in TT season card but in all other editions.

Above is a list of the 6 best footballers in the central midfield position in the TT season card of FIFA Online 4. Hopefully you will have a way to build your ideal team through these wonderful players. .

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