Download the free mod to revive the legendary FPS World War here

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There are very few games FPS really successful on PS3 but Battlefield 1943 is one of such “rare goods” when letting gamers immerse themselves in the hot World War II context. Dozens of gamers hurled themselves at each other with the smoke of bombs and bullets filling the screen while fighters and tanks roared around… that’s what it looks like. Battlefield 1943 brings gamers.

But when hopes of a Battlefield 1943 version on PC had just been rekindled, DICE suddenly poured cold water on it by canceling the ported version from PS3. Since then, for 9 consecutive years, Battlefield 1943 has completely disappeared under the radar of gamers.


But now that story is different when Battlefield 1943 has just been officially revived through the free Mod of Battlefield 2, let gamers experience first-hand the World War 2 FPS masterpiece on PC today. To download this Mod you can go straight to the bottom of the article with the note that the Mod requires the original Battlefield 2 title to proceed with the installation. If you have problems, you can head down to the comment section of the website so that the Mod author will directly support each comment.


Like the original game, the Battlefield 1943 Mod for Battlefield 2 perfectly recreates the war between the US army and Japan in the context of World War 2. Setting foot in the online battles of smoke and fire, players will experience Experience historic weapons, along with the ability to control tanks or fighter planes with complete freedom.


This is definitely the perfect opportunity for gamers who have wanted to experience one of the monuments of the World War FPS series and its opponents. Call of Duty this. You can download the mod for free here:

Source link: Download the free mod to revive the legendary FPS World War here

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