Free Fire launches unique survival mode: Shooting Racing

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The recent update called “Death Race” by Free Fire brought a unique experience to the survival game genre. The new game mode allows 40 players to be divided into 20 Duo teams, each team will ride together in a special vehicle. Two players will split the role: a driver and a shooter to destroy the enemy. Both cannot leave the vehicle and will lose if the vehicle is shot or the occupants are destroyed.


To increase the appeal of this survival mode, Free Fire also adds a “buffer” system called an upgrade package. When collecting these upgrade packages, players will improve weapons, helmets as well as add “toys” to their car. The team that is both good at driving and shooting properly will have a special advantage to win this fun mode.


The “Death Race” version of Free Fire also adds a lot of special features, including the female character Misha, the MP79 launcher, etc. Besides, the game’s parachute jumping has also been improved. compared to other survival games, when the player will have a period of windsurfing before parachuting. Surfing will help players move to further landing points.


Present, Garena Free Fire can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.
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