Empire 4 finalizes the time to “tease” Gameplay

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Earlier this year, Adam Isgreen, the creative director of the Age of Empires series, revealed the possibility of an Age of Empires 4 this year, maybe at Gamescom or at the show XO19 Microsoft’s show takes place in November. Xbox CEO Aaron Greenberg has just confirmed that a sequel to the Empire series will be revealed at XO.

Greenberg has shared some very exciting news, especially for fans of this historic RTS (real-time strategy) series. Greenberg provided the Age of Empires 4 gameplay trailer release date – November 14, the first day of the X019 event. Moreover, this is the same day Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition will “dock” the Windows Store, Steam and Xbox Game Pass on PC. Admittedly, this is a big day for the Empire player community.

Although there was a trailer for the fourth part of Empire, it did not leave a deep impression on viewers – the trailer included an interesting background of the game with interesting music, providing detailed graphics and narration by the narrator “We have fought side by side through history. Now, a new era is slowly approaching us.”

However, the trailer is likely to reveal the presence of some countries in the game. British red shirts, Japanese samurai, ancient Roman soldiers, Native Americans, Spanish conquistadors, and a few more can be glimpsed – although the trailer doesn’t confirm the contents. The above content will be available in the game.


There is no specific release date for the game yet, but fans can keep an eye on all the latest information about Age of Empires 4 to quench the thirst of the Empire.

Also, to learn more about Age of Empires 4, keep in mind the November 14 date, because the publisher will most likely release a gameplay trailer for Age of Empires 4 at that time.​

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