The Three Kingdoms AFK is officially OB, a shortened breakthrough of the vertical screen mobile strategy game series

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This game was officially Open Beta today, December 29.


Even though it’s a vertical-screen chess game, Three Kingdoms AFK still owns high-quality gameplay and graphics, but many mobile games previously untouchable.

Specifically, when participating in this game, players will return to the time of the Wei – Thuc – Ngo wars, build their own fortunes, collect hundreds of famous generals to conquer the four directions.

In which the most obvious highlight in Tam Quoc AFK is the eye-catching 3D graphics. With beautifully designed – top – cool character models, meticulous attention to every detail of armor and weapons on the body.


Until the peak PK effect with the attacks, the skills are shocking. All bring a fun hack-and-slash experience, no less than the action role-playing game series!

The deeper you go into the game, the more players will see the tactical quintessence, the way the formation of the formations is variable, the ability to counter the circle of the Spear, Shield, Bow, Mou, Tri and even dizzying changes. after each champion upgrade and skill awakening.

Not stopping there, the importance of the general system in this game is even more enhanced when it is possible to foster strength, change appearance, active skills – unlimited martial arts. As a result, each famous general in the game will open up more types of combat, playing the role of Attack – Defense – Support difficult to predict in a 5-person battle.


Thereby it requires players to carefully calculate and understand each general system, each position arranged in the formation. Since then, each victory in the game will create a feeling of sublimation that players have not felt for a long time.

With the typical style of the new generation idle game series, in Three Kingdoms AFK, players only need to use a few taps and swipes on the touch screen to quickly complete tasks and activities.

Players can even hang up or leave the game while the squad continues to challenge and collect the necessary materials to strengthen the squad.

Like other games of the same genre, Three Kingdoms AFK does not lack any PvE – PvP activities. Add a fast tempo for players to enjoy from the rich sub-system, tired tower climbing, dramatic ranking arenas, ..


Until the Guild system has a depth, where players can participate in small activities such as cutting firewood, fishing, picking medicine, experimenting, and dedicating to “super giants” like Bang War, Cong Thanh, Hunt the Bang Boss.

With the advantages from gameplay, novel graphical interface, to many tactical competition activities that AFK promises to revolutionize the fighting game series, it is guaranteed to be played with !!!​

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